Tornado system overcharge 17 - where to find?

Hi, I’m looking for this module, it tells me I need to kill a boss in OS for it…


Does anyone know which (zone) boss can deliver this item?




Pirate Destroyers in Open Space drop the module at a somewhat poor rate.
They  can  spawn in:
-Ellydium Theta
-Felony Border
-Derelict Stronghold
-Northern Mining Station

-Pilgrim 11

-The Source


-Ancient Ruins

-Abandoned Complex


Typically some sectors are more active with spawns than others and the Destroyer “Golden Hind” will not spawn at Ellydium Theta or Felony Border. The Tornado module itself drops in an “intact container” once the Destroyer is killed which means it is unprotected and other players can take it if you’re too slow. Good hunting.

Perfect reply, many thanks for your support!