"Tornado" Docking system

Hi everyone, posting here because the selection tool when creating a post does not allow me to choose the option of Q&A .

I also posted on the Facebook site and I see nobody gets replies on that so hope is to get some feed back here LOL.

My question is this 

How do you get the “Tornado” Docking system?

I need to get 6 to build a ship but it seems that I can only get one per season of Pirate Chronicles events, that means should the event season 1 and 2 happen once a year, means I can only get 2 a year so it will take 3 years to get them, Hardly worth the trouble, certainly not going to play for 3 years to get a ship that will no doubt be outdated by then,

Is there a way to get them, buy with galactic standard or a pack or DLC to get them?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

There should be a DLC for the whole ship if I recall

Yes I did see the ship is available as a DLC, was rather hoping I could build it, a little more satisfaction in saying “I worked for this and build it” compared to “I bought this”.

Anyeay hope there is a way to purchase the "Docking system or to get the in an event or something soon, just more then 1 or 2 per event would be nice.

They are no longer obtainable via any event or trade, so your only options are to buy them now. You woulda had to play the event to get them.