Torn between Pulse Laser and Assault Plasma

I was on planning on getting the Pulse laser due to higher velocity, meaning I won’t have to ‘lead’ targets as much. And I was planning on getting a a Microwave Lens for it too. But when I saw a weapon mod for the Assault Plasma; switching from EM to kinetic, I was hooked. Which one should I get? Having both EM and kinetic damage seems pretty OP. But having a lesser hassle of aiming, and able to take down shields faster also seems pretty nice. 

Honestly, it is pure personal preference.

Myself, I like assault plasma better. I assume you mean for an interceptor right?

No, I am flying a fighter. But I think I’m going to get a pulse laser instead, the higher hit rate I have for it makes up, and more for the lesser damage it does with thermal. But again, the plasma has a longer optimal range.

Meh, really it seems a matter of playstyle preference. You could also argue it’s about faction preference as well. Like empire ships? Pulse Laser. Like federation ships? Assault Plasma.

When I tried pulse lasers, it felt like my damage had gone down, so I switched back to assault plasma (interceptor). I assume this is because of the lower range on the pulse laser. From what I understand, the number in your ship’s stats is your maximum range (where I assume you can hit for reduced damage) and your effective range (where you do full damage) is even lower than that. Can someone correct me on this?

1250m for pulse lasers. 2400m for Assault Plasma (not sure on this one, is it 2700?).


While I am playing my interceptor with MKIII PL, I wont equip them on my Fighter (empire/deimos2). I am so slow on the battlefield that I am not able to catch my target when I am trying to reach it, or if she is fleeing away. 


So, pulse lasers on interceptor : hell yes! On fighters : Meh…