Top Guns: T'Har'Ok projector

We continue introducing you to main weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, it was thanks to a large selection of weapons that we were able not only to successfully resist the invasion, but to explore the technology of the Aliens. Today we will talk about the ‘T’Har’Ok’ projector.




Initially, ‘T’Har’Ok’ was a household laser projector for holoimages. Following its entrance to the world market, it was found by Ellydium’s weapon development experts. Such close attention was caused by the energy-efficient structure of the invention and the combination of two modes of operation: single-frame and continuous streaming.After the purchase of the patent it was reassembled in the laboratories of the corporation as a plasma weapon. Tthe technical designation ‘projector’ was so firmly entrenched in the development that it was decided to leave it in the name of the product as a sign of respect for the prototype.


However, despite the high ratings after the announcement of ‘T’Har’Ok’ at an arms show, the corporation received numerous threats from the author of the projector. In social networks, he aggressively condemned the actions of Ellydium and claimed that he did not give his consent to use the product for military purposes. After the company’s response to the statement that all legal issues were agreed at the stage of patent purchase, the author of the invention sued. The development of the process is actively monitored by the world community, which divided into two camps. Supporters of the author condemn the use of the initially peaceful invention for military purposes. And those supporting Ellydium are sure that the author is not an idealist he presents himself to be and simply intends to get more money because of the commercial success of ‘T’Har’Ok’ projector.


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Well that was an interesting story, also, people still use social medias, when there are spaceship battles going on? smh

Why is it called “beamer” tho.



Because in germany we used to say “to beam someone away” as in completely bash him into oblivion. The beamer does exactly that, quite literally too, it totally overkills you with its insane damage output that puts even my strongest guard frigate which not even 2 destroyers at the same time could kill (both of them died pretty quick)  to absolute shame.

That an interesting back story really liking it, Any top guns about dessy weapons on the way ? 


Halo backstory?

Why is it so common and why is it the only one you don’t need to craft. (stupid to begin with, but I guess we’re here now.)