Top Guns: Tai’Thaq



Tai’thaq cannon was released under Ellydium brand during the production boom caused by the corporation’s consolidation on Leviathan. This creation of Dr. Conrad Dimeni embodies everything that made its creator famous: frighteningly effective, based on an unconventional principle and unburdened by moral limitations.


Tai’thaq in all its glory uses the corporation’s innovation — crystalline pseudo-organisms. The gun releases a whole colony, which can not be stopped by standard shield models. Protective sensors simply do not perceive the volley of a Tai’thaq as a threat because of its nature, unusual for combat in space.


Despite the fact that biomaterial is not included in the pseudo-organism diet, they pose a mortal danger to the pilot who controls the ship. Damage to the hull leads to depressurization of compartments and, as a result, a painful death from suffocation in the cold blackness of open space that even a reliable spacesuit will not protect you from. United Factions recognized this method of warfare as inhumane, the council is considering a proposal to prohibit the spread of Tai’thaq.

This controversial technology poses no danger to allies.


The intuitive friend-foe system forces the pilot to pre-mark friendly and hostile targets, making unprepared fire impossible. The launched colony has a limited lifespan and, as a rule, ceases to function and self-destructs within a few seconds. Therefore, in order to uncover the full potential of Tai’thaq, Ellydium recommends that customers constantly maintain the volumes of colonies on an enemy vessel by repeated shots at the target.


Due to lack of restrictions on the part of UMC, the final decision to use Tai’thaq remains on the conscience of a particular mercenary. But the Centre’s psychotherapists remind that witnesses to the impact of weapons of this type on living creatures have a serious risk of acquiring PTSD.



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so basically Conrad Dimeni should be charged with war crimes?

seriously, ellydium is just a mary sue faction