Top Guns: Kinetic Supercharger

Pilots! We continue introducing you to standard weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, precisely because of the large selection of weapons we were able to successfully resist the alien invasion. Today we are going to tell you about the Kinetic Supercharger. ![97a89974037a49ee06b0202b1eeb.jpg](

Kinetic Supercharger is a special kinetic weapon, available only to ECM interceptors. It generates a projectile by instantaneous gas pressurization. Upon collision with the target the projectile forms a cloud of debris, dealing kinetic damage to enemies.

Kinetic Supercharger is very effective against vehicles or objects which have to be static and can not exit a cloud of debris.

Historians believe that the kinetic supercharger was created by members of the family Mendes. According to legend, the device was created as a lab assistant’s joke. They decided to play a joke on one of the test pilots, and replaced his weapon with the test project. The pilot only discovered the change when he opened fire on a practice target. And so as not to lose his honour in eyes of the family head watching the tests, he carried on as if nothing out of order had happened. Only when he arrived at the base, he learned that the family head had left the station, along with the gun’s blueprints and scientists, and the pilot was promoted for a job well done.

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So the Kinetic Supercharger was made as a joke, gotta love Jericho 24/7 huh. I really want the story behind Sk’Rah now.

Kinetic supercharger was at first a snowball-launcher brought to us by the well-endowed Ms Frost  ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)  This story is fake!

I’d prefer pulse laser tbh.

Best weapon effect. But i don’t like R15 design.