tokens sec conquiest


i wonder about sec conquiest, if when we see sectors on galaxy map, it’s normal to not see anymore the tokens ?

all is at zero. but  i’m sure that some owner have their sectors since more than 1 day, but it’s still zero…

"Dreadnought battles

The reward for possession the location is transferred to battles.

  • Now a full reward is immediately awarded for the victory, and for the loss, there’s a compensation in 25% of the reward in the location.
  • Reward for battles in the location increases with long possession"


No tokens, no reward via PvP. Sector reward is given only for dreadnought battle.

ahh okkk ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)  didn’t know that, thanks for your fast reply, Sin : )

Because of this system, reward can get anyone,

but system is very bad. It does not incurage players to play PvP anymore.

Just 3-4 dread battles when is dread tima and that is all.

yes, it’s true…but see the MM, i think players don’t play pvp more for that than with this new reward dread’s system.