To Shop or Not to Shop?

Why do we even have the shop?

It serves no real purpose really, as all the items you require are best bought at the equip screen.

For me at least, the shop serves only to confuse.

I’ve bought 1 thing from the shop. My first laser… a Mk1 Military Laser for roughly 25k or so… man i was so excited when clicking “buy”. Imagine my disappointment when learning i just wasted my cash because the weapon i bought was a T2 weapon while i had just started as T1. My disappointment grew when i learned that if i sold the weapon back, i would receive only around 6k. This doesn’t seem completely fair.

From my perspective, the shop is needed only to buy ships and SELL your stuff.

Leave all the other item sales go to the equip screen.

Discussion wellcome!

Agreed the shop needs some improvement.

I need the shop for 1 thing tho, and that’s looking at what i have available to buy, without clicking everywhere on the ships. I research a module, i don’t know where that module goes(that’s again a problem, for example nobody says Achilles Module can be used only on interceptors, but that’s how it is at the moment) so i might check the shop to see if i find it there.

almost similiar from above, i check shop for module requirement in tech tree, so i know what to research next

Well, having the option to view all the weapons, gears and modifications you can obtain is of course something you should have the option to do. But this could be done in another way.

How about splitting that into an “Equipment browser” (sorry, i’m not very creative with finding cool names!).

This should function somewhat like the current shop, but you cannot buy anything from there.

If you select an item, it opens in another screen with a full description of the item along with an illustration of the research path needed to unlock it.

Items already unlocked should be highligted just as they are now.

Crude sketch drawing attached.


uh… that gonna happen if you havent unlock that thing , just click the red box on left of their name (bettween the name and the icon on “long view” )