To days update 24th

Any info about what today’s update is as they is no information posted on the forums yet and just downloaded a huge chunk of updates around 300mb

I see just came home from university I will try to get the patch log.

I see just came home from university I will try to get the patch log.

found it

Star Conflict CBT v0.4.4

List of changes.

Features of BSA

* This version is available only faction ships “Empire: Legion”

* For participation in the games, from 16:00 to 24:00 Moscow time: For the victory is charged 15 std. For the defeat of two std. Players who have left the battle ahead (with entire ships) does not receive compensation (including credits).

* Every week all the players issued a sum equal to the cost of a weekly extended license.

Update on 24/05/12

Ships: General

* Improved rendering of ship energy shields

* The capacitance is less dependent on the synergy and more on the technological level of the ship

Ships Attack Aircraft

* Increased the maximum speed

* Increased the duration of the “Overdrive”

Ships Frigates

* Sniper mode: maximum range of slightly reduced speed bonus rounds is reduced, power consumption is increased

Weapons and modules: Railgun

* Speed ​​reduced shells

Weapons and Modules: Missiles

* Increased damage of all the missiles and the effectiveness of related modules

Weapons and Modules: Combat Modules

* Systems “Mosquito” and “stasis generator”: The goal should no longer be in sight, all the modules of this type have a total time of the rollback

* System “Lovcen network” consumes more energy, reduced the effectiveness of slow

* The system of “Shiloh-EM”: Range increased to 2250 m

* Increased power for “hollow shells”


* Added smooth transitions when switching between different modes of camera control

* The direction of view is preserved when switching between sniper mode and conventional survey

Edit bagov

* Revisions mouse behavior in windowed mode

* Video playback does not stop when the game is in the background

* Fixed falling through the ships in the Beacons

* Fixed several crashes game client

* Refinements in the sound balance

* Refinements in negotiations pilots

* Work on bugs in the game lyrics

* Additional logging for troubleshooting

Plz post the update not(the one in the instalation folder)

Here is the link to the official post:

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