To all those with high ping!

Okay so i just read a pretty “smart” comment, he asked, when will we fix on the pings on different servers. 


okay so at this website you can test ur pings all over the world and at ur home aswell. the pings on the servers is already just as fine as they are, actually they are pretty good.


Go and test your ping on usa servers ,asia, europe and russia servers. to get an idea of what ur ping is to those countries. 


when it comes to have super ping or so, it all depends on ur actuall home network speed. not the servers. but ur own speeds. 


goto youtube and find people with 100-1000 mb download speed and 5-10 ping. those people can have 80 ping where you have 220+



Here is a guy who has 0-1 Ping at hes country. but when he goes half the globe around he gets over 140. “this is the place when people complain about higher ping cause they land on servers that is far away from them like playing from USA and gets on russia server, then starts complaining on forums,” meh kids. but there u go.  and the internet speeds he has is something you wont have*


Sincerely to all those like me with no experience in gaming*



I’d also recommend nmap’s traceroute since it will provide a ping time to each individual hop.  When I have unplayable days it’s generally a hop not related to the devs but the routes to the server.  There are high lag matches that aren’t ping related as I’m sure Maximum997 can attest to, but most of the time it’s not the dev’s fault.


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Unless the game places me in the South Asia server (which it has for a grand total of two times), my ping will be above 300. After a while I get used to it.

You can have lag and weird stuff on servers with ping below 100ms because the game is still in beta and the Devs still haven’t figured out how to make a stable/smooth match or have teh game running on a 486.


In the USA cable connection can be one of the worst connections to have especially Comcast. I had it a long time ago and my friend has constant issues. The connection is not stable the latency/ping varies a lot from one second to the next and you available bandwidth also varies.


If you can get fiber connection that is probably the best. Also good is DSL with a feature (or running in mode) fastpath, VDSL has that by default (VDSL usually comes in speed faster than 6Mbit download).


Every wireless connection has high(er) ping than wired connection, although there are wireless connection (with a dish) starting around 20Mbit in the US that use different frequency and have a low latency. 


The bandwidth for game is usually not an issue with any broadband. I played online (a game called Homeworld) with dial-up speed a decade ago.

note: another weird ping lag we noticed a few weeks ago over europe were only present in ipv4 networks resulting in fluctuating pings only in certain apps.


We discovered it over a web server which gave different pings on two different machines in the same network, because one of them used IPv6 (where the ping was just fine); and the webserver happened to be on a similar hop route like the SC servers. (And I was playing SC at that time, suffering from intense lagspikes …)


While some servers and services were working with good pings, the ipv4 route took packets a different route across europe which delayed the packets. Such stuff happens in the internet too.


So if you measure your pings with different applications, like web browsers, the ip layer it uses now also can be a difference. :confused: also depending on your national infrastructure.

But I think this is a rather exceptional case study.

Sounds like something fitting for a research paper.  That’s interesting.