To all having trouble on OS with the new Leviathan map.

Here’s the deal. Last night, my computer crashed twice upon playing Leviathan. Note that my settings were as per standard for my computer to run the game at 60 frames per second and at relatively high detail. A couple of friends who also happen to play on OS also encountered a game freeze and en eventual necessary computer reboot (I suspect).


So here is how I fixed this issue. Turn your graphics setting right down. Everything should be at the absolute zero minimum - this then allowed me to run the map throughout smoothly without encountering any bugs, glitches or anything. To the staff reading this, I have reloaded my game twice since these crashes, but if I do encounter this problem again, I will provide a bug report complete with logs - I also encourage other players to do the same should they encounter this issue.


Cheers for your time. Hope this helps and have a very happy tournament!


  • Sho

It does seem like it would be slow on some computers. But lemme tell ya: it looks -amazing- on high graphics.

Jesus Christ it looks good. I think there might be a bug or some rendering problem though that OS (or maybe my video card) can’t handle.

I was wrong about the graphics fix.


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