Tired of losing money (bug)

Whenever the premium account expires , pointed not buy, and I discounted much of what I have left.

Does not give me anything.



please explain your issue more detailed.

I’ve got some standars in this game, thanks to surveys, send links to friends, etc. 

I do not remember ever having bought a premium day.  

I do not buy items with standars. 

I do not use ammo or ships or anything that consumes standars. 

Every time I use the premium gift days, a window that offers me to buy some premium discount day appears. 

Cancel the operation and sometimes, standars disappear from my account. 

Of course, it does not give me the premium days.

If I remember correctly, this has happened 3 times.




Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

We’ve credited 416GS to your account. Sorry for the inconvenience.