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playing 3 days. so, very new. but now i feel i have hit pve(no much problem with pvp) difficulty wall. suddenly dungeons(quests) became so hard, that at first i was killed with first wave of enemies. now i adapted a bit and i am able survive most dungeons(at least). but still, im wondering, if i leveled wrong(and i know that may happen easily in many games) or its just learning/progress curve.

and i came over term tier rush. can someone explain what it means in simple sentences please?

about my situation. right now i am on rank 7 long range frigate templar ae fourth synergy level. first rank ships i leveled to end synergy levels. later skipped some. and maxed levels on all “tank” ships, class i prefer play in all games. i bought ALL ships avialable to purhase withouth “standarts”. maybe it is wrong buy all ships? maybe all this leveling is ok and game is just at this difficulty level. i know there are difficulty walls in many games once you reach certain level. maybe i did tier rush and that is problem?





Tier rushing or rank rushing is when some players go as fast as posible from rank 1 to rank 15. It is most of the times a bad idea because the learning curve is high. I suggest gainig max synergy on as much ships as possible. This gives a nice boost in synergy and let you get basic skills.

Check [all the guides](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/234-guides/), for more info. This [guide](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/29954-the-lrf-handbook/) for LRF from JCNB will be usefur for you.

As far as pve being difficult its maybe just new to you still. Once you get a feel for it then its a piece of cake. Few things to keep in mind are to never rush and always stick with your team even if you are good you leave your teammates vulnerable by leaving them. Try to stay out of the open. Resist in most, if not all, cases is the best way to go for a ship build. Don’t sell ships as they add fleet strength. Max all your ships. Don’t tier rush as in buy all the ships and max all of them; reason: you will need to know how to use every class and eventually will end up going back to buy and max those ships anyway.

When you buy a new ship then you can interchange modules until you can afford to buy new ones for more ships and upgrade them to mk4. Always get your mods to at least mk3 as mk1 puts you at a pretty good disadvantage.

Energy is pretty key on most ships try not to use after burners too much if you have energy issues on the build. A max ship will always have better energy.

When shooting your gun it overheats overtime. Try not to let it overheat as the cooldown is longer than it would be to stop shooting near overheat and stay in practice with that.

For better more in depth details on game tips see ORCA1911 on his guides and his videos on youtube. He will likely post his details here soon.

Oh and crews are of major importance at least later on in the game.

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Just follow my signature link, all guides located in one single thread, if u need vids, let me know ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

ty for answers.