Tier III: GS Tournament - Sudden crashes to desktop or similar problems (PvP)

Bug report:


Almost, if not all people, crashed to desktop during Tier III: GS Tournaments on Sunday. Not only during one event, but all of them.

When trying to login back to the game, I had a corrupt black screen and interface was buggy, not showing all information and interface was completely unresponsive and non-functional.

When trying to login for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th try and so on, I got instant crashes to desktop. I was unable to play or return to battle, until the Tournament ended.

This only occurred during Tier III: GS Tournament (Sunday event). Once the Tournament was over, crashing stopped and normal operation was restored.


I want to ask, if we will get any compensation for this issue, since we were unable to play the game, which caused us to lose potentially won matches?


I sent all crashes by your (S)Targem Crash Reporter application, describing the issue.






Screenshot: (relogged after crash, functions unresponsive in general, had to forcefully shut  down the game via Task Manager, after that, instant crashes to desktop after every login)



Thank you.

Tournaments crashing,this is a pretty good Christmas so far,I can almost afford that 1070,o boi.