Tier Differentiation

Try to keep personal feelings out of it. Post your ideas in regards to the topic listed. Try to follow the very basic format I have listed to make it easier to figure out what is what.


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  1. The Difference (Problem)

  2. Why Its different (Explanation of why its the problem)

  3. Ideas on how to fix it (Possible Solutions)

  4. Odds and Ends (Anything that didnt fit into 1-3)


Keep it respectable, informative, and your more likely to receive feedback.

  1. The gap between Tiers 2 and 3 is massive.

  2. A lot of people who should theoretically be playing T3 aren’t due to this massive gap being present. In T2, there is really no reason to play anything but interceptors as they are exceedingly hard to kill in anything but a tackler, and even then they can be difficult to immobilise and eliminate. In T3, engineer balls are overpowered and need some way to prevent this setup from happening.

  3. Treat all the Tiers as completely separate games, like so:

  • Tier One is the ‘entry leve’, where pilots will learn the basics on how to fly, shoot, and generally stay alive whilst getting chased by 3+ pilots.
  • Tier Two is the more advanced level. Most of the player population should be able to sit here very comfortably with no qualms about any of the classes. Battles here will be fast, furious, and will give players decent reputation and credits rewards, providing they use Rank 6 ships and below. Interceptors in this Tier should have some recent buffs removed from them, as they are becoming a nightmare with 6 to 7 per side. I think this says something.
  • Tier Three should be for advanced players who know what they’re doing and often form up into corporation squads for strategic discussion. Battles are more lengthy and drawn out. Nerf the remote modules so that they short out active module usage in a certain area, so whilst they provide excellent healing over a wide range, any ‘active passives’ such as the Guard’s missile shield are completely useless and are unable to provide the support the engineers will need. Interceptors should have an additional buff to their hull and shields, or made even faster/have a small chance to dodge damage (no more than 5%). They are manoeuvrable, after all, so why not play this up?
  • Tier Four should still be the endgame. Used for settling debates on the forums via a massive scrap where everyone uses massively powerful ships with excellent combat capabilities. See Tier Three recommendations for buffs/nerfs.
  1. Rep gain and credit gain seem… Low for players who should be playing T3 but prefer T2 due to the less serious style of play. I mean, I play football with some of my friends on occasion with those asteroids that have physics in T2 when I’m just dossing about. Rep gain and credit gain should be based on the maximum rank ship you have equipped at that time, not by your maximum rank as a lot of players would prefer to grind lower Tiers to max out so they can purchase the ships they need and play them when they want to, not because they have to to get a suitable amount of reputation and/or credits. This may receive accusations of what appears to be called ‘bambi farming’, but hopefully having higher skill level pilots flying in the lower Tiers will help the Tier 2 players to form strategies and tactics they can immediately put to use in Tier 3 by countering pilots.


And nerf the plasma arc in T2, damn it! I can hardly take 3 seconds worth of damage from those things in my engineer! That reminds me: clock back the range on the mass shield and nanodrone cloud to ~3000m, and the energy consumption back to how they used to be. They were actually useful at that time. Now I feel like I’m a floating free kill for interceptors everything that isn’t an engineer, which I can kill with fairly decent efficiency.

I +1’d you. Yep, be in shock. Very nice and informative post.

I dont have issues in t2 with plasma arc… stack thermal hull resists You should have 2 slots, and it will make you survive twice as long.

Try to keep personal feelings out of it. Post your ideas in regards to the topic listed. Try to follow the very basic format I have listed to make it easier to figure out what is what.


Thanks folks.



  1. The Difference (Problem)

  2. Why Its different (Explanation of why its the problem)

  3. Ideas on how to fix it (Possible Solutions)

  4. Odds and Ends (Anything that didnt fit into 1-3)


Keep it respectable, informative, and your more likely to receive feedback.


Oh where to begin… I’m going to put each point in its own post for ease of reference.


  1. Interceptor power in T2 / T3.

  2. T3 seems to have a variety of commonly available methods to shut down Interceptors - pulsars, mass tackler modules, drones to reveal cloaked ships and the simple fact that all ships are more survivable, and so less prone to being alpha-striked by an ambushing interceptor.

In T2 this doesn’t happen. Interceptors can pack enough punch to cripple or kill an enemy in a short burst (especially Covert Ops), and because ships have 3 active slots not 4 they cannot stack counter-modules as easily. Nor can they stack defensive modules that might counter the Interceptor’s strengths (ie: mass thermal resistance).

  1. Covert Ops, first and foremost, need to be nerfed in Tier 2. Plasma Arc is too powerful in that tier, and plasma web is more than capable of crippling anything shy of a Frigate if it’s not got healers nearby.


Other solutions would include upping the agility of fighters and frigates in tier 2 considerably, denying the Interceptors a portion of their battlefield-control advantage - if a Fighter can match them turn for turn, it forces the Inty to make hit-and-run rather than kiting attacks. It sounds a small difference, but if you’re kiting you can hold / contest a beacon. You can’t do that if you’re running away.


As a somewhat more extreme option, reducing Interceptor speed in T2 would see their effectiveness drop considerably, though this is a less than ideal solution since the Interceptor is supposed to be quick.


I am not convinced at this point that T3 interceptors need to be made more powerful as of yet, simply because they do not appear to be dominating T3 the way they do T2.


  1. General point on the Inty-Fighter-Frigate mechanics… they don’t work. It’s clear Intys are meant to counter Frigates, but nothing counters Intys. Tacklers do, but only because of their modules - in a brawl, the presence of an Interceptor spells death for a Frigate, or even a Fighter as they cannot flee; their only option is to try and hold out for support or fight to the death.


Fleeing is always an option for the Interceptor, and that is the only “counter” the Fighters have to Interceptors - to make the Inty pilot back off. This seems to be a seriously flawed concept; it means that, when combined with an Engineer sat a safe distance away, Interceptors can operate with impunity, forever darting in and out of a fight and pecking their victims to death, whilst having little to no risk of dying in return.


For Tier 2 to work the way it is supposed to, there needs to be a blanket change to the state of play; Interceptors should not be able to take on everyone and win, whilst having only a single ship that can threaten them. People talk about having to focus-fire Engineers to win, but I’d say victory goes to the side that focus-fires the enemy Tacklers…

I +1’d you. Yep, be in shock. Very nice and informative post.

I dont have issues in t2 with plasma arc… stack thermal hull resists You should have 2 slots, and it will make you survive twice as long.

Passive modules no longer stack… at least they don’t for me.

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  1. Engineers are broken ( AS IN NOT WORKING! BROKEN DOES NOT MEAN OVERPOWERED! ) in Tier 2.

  2. Tier 3 ships have much more survivability, relatively speaking, than Tier 2. This in turn makes healing less valuable as they can “make do” without it for longer. T3 engineers also have a wider array of options available, able to do more for their team than hide behind a rock and heal. The reduced healing range has had a much greater impact on T2 than T3, to the point where T2 engineers must now engage in fights at near point-blank range in order to ensure they are healing their squadron. Given that the Devs took away two of their guns specifically to make them bad at this role, T2 engineers are now the children of stupid choices and poor implementation. They cannot do their job, and they have no clear place in the fighting line.

  3. Engineers are a support class, so they need to be allowed to support. Their healing aura needs to be made larger - at the very least back to what it was in the previous patch, if not larger.

The problem with Engineers was never their healing range, it was their healing rate. This is arguably true of all tiers - both T2 and T3 ships should have their healing rate reduced, especially with Interceptors as they can go from near-death to full health in a few seconds once they enter the healing cloud.

In short - up healing range, decrease healing rate. Allow Engineers to hang back from the main fight and lend long-range fire support and a gradual health / shield regeneration. The healing rate should be enough that ships can recover on the move between fights, not so high that they can ignore being shot at.

  1. A word for Tier 1 a moment… their Engineer is terrible. No hull repair capability whatsoever. If Tier 1 is meant to ‘train’ pilots on the basics of the game, why isn’t it teaching them one of the most important elements of every other tier of play - that staying close to an engineer repairs your damage?

Passive modules no longer stack… at least they don’t for me.


wasted 87k to check. thermal resists still stack. 

wasted 87k to check. thermal resists still stack. 

I’m sorry! Oh God I’m sorry. If there was a way I could pay you back I would…

  1. The god-awful transition.

  2. Tier 3, for all intents and purposes, only has two ranks - 8 and 9. Rank 7 ships are not Tier 3, just as Rank 4 ships are not Tier 2.

Rank 7’s vessels are woefully outclassed by their peers. Pilots have fewer active and passive slots, less specialist slots, a lower max synergy (and thus, inferior stats) and a pathetic reward modifier.

The result is that someone flying a Rank 7 ship is effectively earning less per battle than in Rank 6 due to the fact their earnings have barely risen at all, but their costs in ammunition and repair have at least doubled.

Pricing in Tier 3 is absurd. The ships cost nigh on three million credits, with over three million more to buy the Rank 8 that’ll let you fly the Tier properly, and that is without factoring in the need to sell all your Mk I crap and buy proper gear. Mk III gear can tout prices of over half a million credits - three times what their T2 equivalents cost - and given that T3 is meant to be “ideal” for F2P that is a joke - I ground Tier 2 to the point of getting every faction to rank six and I could barely afford to buy and equip two Tier 3 ships… and I still couldn’t afford to kit them out with Mk III even if I’d unlocked it!

The final nail in the coffin is the inability to grind loyalty in lower tiers in order to unlock the top-end Tier 3 ships. Players are forced to fly the “Tier 2.5” to get their race rank up, which means they are essentially fighting in ships that are meant for the next tier down.


  1. You want fixes? Well this one is easy…


The long version is this:

  • Tier 3 ships need their earnings increased. Rank 7 should be earning about… +120%, with Rank 8+ upping their income accordingly.
  • Rank 7 ships need to stop sucking so much. They need 4 active modules, at least 3 passives and at least 4 system modules. They also need either a higher synergy or superior base stats. In effect, a Rank 7 ship should be equal to a Rank 8 / 9 ship in terms of DPS, performance, modules, etc. assuming both ships are the same synergy level.
  • The above is also true of Tier 2 and their Rank 4 / 5 ships - they should have the same active and passive modules as Rank 6.

so this is a post i made earlier, seeing this is about ships i might as well have my own opinion, WE NEED MORE MONEY

credit income is horrible, for T2 and T3, especially when you end up paying half the pay check in damages, it took me 2 weeks to get to 2 mill, i shudder to think of what it takes to get to 5 or 9 mill


what i have below is just about how to balance the frigates a bit, more, perhaps adding in a whole new class is a bit drastic, but its what i would really like




what we need is an intermediate size ship, the current frigates should be scaled up dramatically and the corvette class should take its place inly with less armor, make the frigates the support and heavy weapons and make the corvettes the healers so there is 


A. and incentive to use more then just frigates


B. an actual point to reaching lvl 12 to unlock the 4th ship slot to be able to equip one of every type of ship, this would also cause people to be a bit more loyal to their fation since they are with it longer


C. an easier way to kill the ‘‘engi’’ having a corrvette have advanced modules such as a cloak or a minefield but little armor and not so great offensive weapons would make things more interesting, so instead of always killing the frigates first the corvettes would die first then the frigates, athough it migh tend up being wiser to kill the frigates since they are massive and will have very powerful slow firing guns


D. add a little bit more tactical sense to the game, you loose your corvettes then you need to find a way to recover that loss, because as it stands now, if you loose and engie another replaces it since half uor team is in an engie frig


E. it would add a baddass selection of ships, maybe even like the correlian corrvette from star wars, of course to do this frigates would have to be scaled up drastically and would become practically a ful fledged cruiser with possibly instead of missles a very powerful faction specific weapon, like a plasma cannon for the feds, a MAC gun for the empire and a high powered pulse laser for jerhico, somthing big enough it needs a cool down timer, and powerful enough to cripple the enemy frigates, or vaporize a small ship of you can hit it


F. this would also add in more ships to make the ship tree more diverse and allow for more paths, some that end up not being linear and perhaps the frigate that you end up having access to depends on your choices of other ships, so if you choose a corrvette with armor but less powerful helaing devices then you have the choice of getting a frigate with more armor but les powerful weapons


G. another thing i would like to see in the game ( mainly just cosmetic) is a redesigned hanger with better background lighting and the ability to see the ships of your corperation members, like ahave a corperation hanger that you can view other peoples ships, this would be very cool to have once the color and decals get revamped, when the devs add in the selectable color stuff. also desrcutible enviroments would make for some epic gameplay


H. one of the biggest things i want in this game is a real faction rivalry, like in the FPS planetside 2 where the factions hate each other which fuels the fighting, this is they type of thing i want in star conflict, where the battles are matched by which faction you are part of, this would also make the enemy a little more predictable but would also bring out unknown strategies and add deph to each factions capabilites

  1. The Difference (Problem)

  2. Why Its different (Explanation of why its the problem)

  3. Ideas on how to fix it (Possible Solutions)


  1. Rough explanation [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19998-do-you-think-the-current-nerfs-to-the-engineer-frigate-broke-their-balance/page-2#entry203989)

  2. see above


  1. Rebalance as follows:



A. Reduce all T2 weapons damage by 5%


B. Reduce all T3 frigates base survivability by 6%


C. Equal number of hardpoints and survivability for all ships of the same role and tier

- ship differs by rank in other things


like special module stats (recharge, duration, etc) and role relevant attributes like max-turn-axis speed, energy regen, afterburner energy use, etc


D. Class Limited Weapons


> Interceptors = Rapid or Assault with Penalty   => cannot use Long Range + Heavy

> Fighters = Assault or Long Range with Penalty   => cannot use Rapid + Heavy

> Frigate = Long Range or Heavy with Bonus   => cannot use Rapid + Assault


A. and B. will help close the DPS to Health ratio

C. will make low rank ships useful for new tier players

C. should help close the gap between low rank mk.I module ships and high rank experimental module ships

D. will help manage roles-playstyle and easier to rebalance dps : health ratios in the future