Tier 4 gameplay video?

I just finished watching TotalBiscuit’s gameplay video of Star Conflict. One of the questions it left me with is what Tier 4 gameplay is like. TB said that he noticed it took longer to kill ships when he jumped from Tier 1 to Tier 2. So I wonder if that continues on and ships take a lot longer to kill in T4. Are interceptors faster in T4? Are railguns good in T4? 


Lots of questions, but a gameplay video would help.

I’m also really curious as to what higher tier game play is like. I keep hearing about different weapon types, modules, and ship upgrades, but I have no way find out what they are, what they do, how to unlock them, or what ships they are compatible with. All of the wikis I can find are out dated and the shop only seems to list what I have access to.


From my experience, this is actually a pretty bad interface decision. If a player doesn’t even know of the existence of playable content (for all intensive purposes, “golden carrots”), he/she will simply get bored with the small amount of the game you have showed them and leave. That or the aggravation of knowing that there is something to play for, and being unable to see it until 100+ hours have been invested in the game, will drive a player away from the game.


Just think of all the theory-crafters who really like this game that have been sent to a mental ward because they were denied them the ability to get their fix.  :taunt:


I know a site hosted date base of this stuff is in the works, but opening up the shop interface so that a player can see what may be in store for them would really be a step in the right direction. The power of the golden carrot should be properly harnessed to get the most out of a unsuspecting player base. 

I’m pretty sure you CAN see what items are further ahead by clicking “market” or whatever at the top, and then there’s checkboxes and stuff to limit your search to things you can only currently equip. Turn those off and you can see EVERYTHING. Tadaaaa.