Tier 2 PVE

Why don’t Tier II ships have their own PVE range? Tier 2 PVE combines Tiers 2 and 3. How are you supposed to win a TII PVE with a rank 4-6 ship? Why this sudden spike in difficulty? What are you trying to accomplish?

Being carried by another player who’s flying a much higher tier ship not only makes TII PVE obnoxiously irritating, but dulls the overall experience. There is no sense of progression if you can’t do anything during a mission. This is a critical flaw that needs immediate attention. 

exact tought here bud! its feels impossible to play with a rank 4~5 ship in PVE

Agreed. My squad and I got repeatedly buchered when we entered T2 for the first time, eventually we decided to play seperately until we got better ships. Yes, we’re Aces, but getting killed quickly a lot doesn’t help increase our skills much.