Thruster Mechanics

A player once told me that it would be nice if the ships would have the ability to toggle thrusters. Basically the ability to float in space without slowing down. My opinion is that it would be weird to play the game in such a way but i wanted to ask you guys what you think of it, give me some basic pro’s and con’s of the idea.

In Star Conflict’s pursuit of non-newtonian shenanigans this is already a thing kind of. Destroyers lose very little speed at all when you stop accelerating and it’s a nightmare when trying to do something precise, like:
Capturing beacons
Not hitting walls
Not hitting people
Not hitting beacons
Playing while barely focusing

Getting stunned and desperately trying to not hit a wall
Latency is real noticeable


Destroyers maintain speed like this (which I both hate and love) but I feel like this kind of mechanic would be nice on other ships.


And something like this would DEFINITELY have to be an optional thing. To appease pessimists like those seen above.

it would be nice ^^ if the players do not like this system why not put a button or a key to activate or deactivate the drift of the vessel ^^

Guys, read the sentences i wrote, give me pro’s and con’s of it from your perspective and yes, i already said it would be a toggled option if it ever gets to be a thing. This is just an idea, not an actual developing feature by the devs. I feel like i have to say that every time.


-long distance travel ezpz.

-rotate while flying in straight line to shoot better?

-save energy

-Better view?



-people will complain if the toggle isn’t VERY apparent.

-people will complain anyways.

-could potentially be OP on some interceptors I guess. (allow you to face the target while still moving at max speed)

-would be hell to implement probably.


The capability to employ complex maneuvers and be able to fire accurately

Capability of strafing with destroyers while also rotating(Might be more trouble than what it’s worth)

Wouldn’t affect things like strafe builds as much, supposedly

Optionality, not a forced new significant mechanic, which could very easily be a deal breaker for many people



Hard to learn

Warps and ultra-fast methods of movement besides teleports would be more dangerous unless the inertial stabilizing would affect you but only on very high speed

Putting people with the option on and off in the same games could generate complaints and mastering the mechanic could give you an upper hand over anyone who is simply not able to

Very sensitive to high ping

This is much better, thank you for your input fellas, imo there should be such an option at least in a way like the chips are now, to test it out and see how it feels like in general. Warping mechanics should probably have a reverse thruster mechanic so you dont crash instantly. It would be a feature high end players would probably like to try and low end players would probably hate it due to complexity of accurately moving through a 3D space.

NO, just NO.