This s*** slow matchmaking

Is there a reason why the devs decided to have automatic matchmaking that sucks? Why not have a lobby system where we get to choose what game mode we want and also what lobby we want to join? Why can’t we just click a lobby and wait there? At least then you should be able to see that there are/aren’t any people there. It’s painful to have to wait 1-3 minutes just to get into a game. 


Another thing: Why not have games start with fewer people and then have people join as the game goes on? That seems to work just fine in every other mmo pvp game I’ve seen. Sure, the teams might be unbalanced for a while as people are joining but really, does that matter? It’s not like winning actually gets you anything more. And who wouldn’t want to just get straight into a game without the crappy waiting time where you don’t know if you’ll even get into a game? 


I’m sure I can’t be the only one that thinks like this. The gameplay is great. The wait for it pisses me off. You know what it feels like when you’re having a bad stroke of luck and have a horrible game? Then you want to get back into a new game as quickly as you can and go blow some people up? Then BAM, you have to wait while a timer ticks away and you just sit there with nothing to do. You can’t even customize your ships.


If there’s a good reason for not making the matchmaking system the way I said just now, please tell me so I can shut up and decide whether it’s worth the crap wait for each game.

1-3 minute isn’t that long…

It actually is kommy. It’s shorter than the minimum of 5 minutes on realistic, but it is quite a lot of time when you played 20 matches or more…

Just give us something to do while we wait - then all is good.


Honestly, I don’t know who you are flying with but I find queues quite short, often being 15 seconds or less.


Any system which makes meeting the same people over and over even worse should be discouraged. We like a bit of variety, you know.

If you want something to do ALT-TAB while waiting. Also with such a small player base during NA prime time your going to run into the same people. 

this morning in the 10 matches i played, i had like 3 with a 4 minute queue(arcade o.o) and ended up being 3 v 3, 2 being bots…

Well the game isn’t very popular right now. So there WILL be some waiting going on. It’s not like Call of Duty, where 11 million copies are sold in 1 week. You’re going to run into que waiting times.

I just watch youtube vids while waiting.  For a niche game like this the waiting time is pretty good.  There are games where you would have to wait a good half hour for a match.

WHat I’m saying is that a lobby system would at least let you see when waiting is hopeless or what progress is being made for filling the match. And really, why not have the game start with less than capacity? WHy can’t people join in after a game has started? That means instant action for EVERYONE. 

I came from games where you simply select a server from a list and instant action so I understand the frustration of having to wait with no idea how long it’s gonna last. Problem with that for Star Conflict is controlling who enters where with what in their hangar slots since you have ‘thrash’ ships that are effectively in-between tiers like rank 7 and rank 4 or 5 ships.


That said there was a mobile app game called Shadow Run which I used to play ALOT. First match-making game I ever played actually. They do theirs slightly differently.


Players are carried over from the previous game to the next.


It basically feeds in new players in-between games as and when people decide not to continue playing when one match ends. I assume when the waiting pool grows large enough it dynamically creates a new game and loops that one as well. Not a techie so cant explain it better than that. But I sure liked that system.

Experience from playing all day today (though it must be noted that we’re always full squads) is that it took about 10 seconds on average. More often than not it was instant.