This game makes me a hipster

--------------- “Hey what are you playing?”

Slacktivator: " It’s Star Conflict. You’ve probably never heard of it."

---------------- “Is it a good game?”

Slacktivator: “Don’t bother. You wouldn’t get it.”


I know the exact feeling!!!


Everyone around me either doesn’t play games, plays fifa or CoD on some kind of console, or plays LoL!! This is exactly how I feel when they ask me what games I play. And yet there is no way in hell I can recommend Star Conflict to them, or try and get them involved. I would be too ashamed in having to tell them to level up for a few months before coming back to me to play together!

Omg this applies too heavily to me. When someone asks what games I play I just leave them with “it’s not worth it. You don’t play/have never heard of any of them.”

Then when I end up showing my online friends the game they get on once and never get on again or only got on when I asked them to, so I just stopped showing people.

One guy was so unimpressed by the game trailer all he had to say was “Well that happened”, I don’t know why but when he said that it kind of pissed me off (cause the trailer is pretty awesome to me).

Oh lordy. Every single time I tell people I do PC gaming, they always ask if I play LoL or DOTA. When I say no, they ask what the heck I do play – and then I have to say it.


“Oh, just a little space game you’ve probably never heard of. It’s not terribly good, I don’t really suggest looking it up.”

hmmm i cant decide how to feel atm 


  1. happy; because im not the only guy having that problem


2)sad; because i have that problem


3)garlic; because i have that garlic