This game is Ruined

I dont know what happened to this game. I’ll say I played this game since 2015. I really dont know what you devs doing at this point.

I should have told you guys this since Ze’ta’s release. Like come on. They’re absulutely broken. A Most of New R17 - 16 ships are also broken… Interceptors are still same breed. They’re just star conflict’s Loving Kid meanwhile the r8-r11-r14 destroyers become completely useless… Normal ships are non existantly bad and the game become all about having the best premium ships. Which is stringray.

I dont know what to say anymore. I would collect every single thing that absulutely broken in a week and show how broken the balance is but ahem since the game doesnt really have a will to live (No adverts etc, The game slowly dying) I just leave this as Bad feedback.

I absulutely adored the game. Loved the Age Of Destroyers update etc but… You devs dig this grave yourselves and you guys trying to milk last cash you can able right now… So I also cant blame for them today too…Its too late for us and devs. You gotta let it rest. Anyway Balance is right now Fun is no longer allowed unless you have premium/r16+ ship. Oh also you want R16 Ships? Pay us or join the events that you missed… Oh jk they never gonna repeat again. the game become gacha at this point.