Thinking of changing my lineup a bit...

Recently picked up SC again after more than a year, and since then the meta has changed quite a bit and I’m not particularly happy with my lineup. I had a Parallax, Kris AE, Ira Deus and Styx, but I’m thinking of trying out different classes or switching factions and work my way up to T5. I’d like to hear from y’all about what you think of my lineup.


I intend to keep a Jeri LRF and an engineer (presently I’m going with the Fed engies for their mobility and dynamic gameplay), so that leaves me with two slots undecided. 


Fed Tackler —> Fed/Jeri Tackler?

I’ve always been a sucker for tacklers; my first ship was a Lynx, and I’ve never dropped tacklers from my lineup even though at some points in time they were relatively weaker as compared to other fighters. Presently I don’t quite see how tacklers are still useful in the T3 metagame, especially since I’m getting a lot more mileage out of my frigates, but I like them too much, both in terms of their game mechanics and the aesthetics, so I’d like to find a new role for them in my lineup. 


Jeri ECM —> ???

After a few matches I had to drop the Kris AE because of terrible ping (I didn’t remember it being this bad… 300 ping is the best case scenario for me, and usually I end up with close to 400 ping and 3 to 7% loss). Given how I’m still pretty rusty, I doubt I can fly intys anytime soon, so I have an empty slot now with no ships to use. This also used to be my choice when I get picked as capt for recon mode, and now I’m looking for a replacement “capt ship” so to speak. 

You could try a Command instead of an ECM - Ion-warhead missiles do amazing job in current Destroyers/Frig/Fighter meta, in the same time all auras have a huge impact as well if timed well, especially resists auras with their active mode creates anonymous tanking for destroyers.  Currently, Commands do overall better support impact than engineers in teams with saturated amount of destroyers, engies are more for conventional setups.

I’ve barely advanced the tech tree for Jericho and Empire fighters (except tackler, which I unlocked via the frigates  :fed014: ). But that’s a good reason to work on that. Previously I neglected command fighters because a close friend used them predominantly, and I would support him with an engie. He doesn’t intend to pick up the game again, so I guess I have to fill in that role. Thank you~!  :fed012:

> R11 dessie

> Aura

> Falcon da recon

> Inqui AE/Piranha