Things Ive noticed...

The biggest thing Ive noticed about this game is that, similar to WOP, the controls and the options are quite confusing to understand. I dont like that in a flight sim (or space sim) I cant figure out how to control my ship with my joystick. I dont like the mouse control thing. It is hard to fly and even harder to fight it. Also I cant map anything to certain buttons, or commands so Im having a hard time figuring out the controls in general.

Even though I changed the option to English, all the voices in the game are still in Russian. Being from America I only speak 1 language… I don’t understand what its saying to me, thus I dont understand the commands I am receiving.

I cant figure out how to place weapons on my ship. I can buy them, but i cant put them on certain ships and that gets confusing. I guess when u go to the shop, u should have to select a certain ship, then go to shop, and the weapons displayed should be specific to that type of ship.

However, on a positive note, Similar to WOP, the graphics look great. You have done a great job designing everything from the complex ships, down to the space debrief. Great Work there!

I will continue to play and offer more opinions later on. Thanks for the chance to check this out!!!

-KILLER-T :good:

go to the equip tab, there you can buy and assign weapons,modules,etc to your ships.