Things I like and Dont like

After played SC for about a month now, I really liked the gameing atmosphere of the game and the arcadeness of it. But after a while once I touched up on t3-t4 tha game just become “t2 online”. The team with more engi’s and more mines wins, O also dont forget the team with more warp gates. anyways got bored of the game hopefully the dev’s will deisgn and balance out the game down the road and tired of playing T2 online with my Cov op’s ship aka the “blade of aressa” funny ship, I like that guard ship bro .


Anyways I looked up this game called “SmashMuck Champion’s” It’s a really fun game with enjoyable art style and game play. If your needing something else to play to buy some time for the dev’s to fix the game as of what im doing. even with the 0.8.1 patch, still not satisfied with how the game is going atm, It’s nice that they are doing something… but it’s just too easy to abuse thing’s. and also jericho ship’s suck. dont defend the guard ship and the “o so great command ship” and that random nerf to jericho shields was unneccessary, thats all we have going for us =/ cuz once our energy is drained gg! while everyone else has awesome hull tanks and cool splish splash kaboom stuff.



dont bash me bro I was lv 1 jericho for life.