They Listened

It’s been a rough two days let’s be honest about that.

We fought to try and retain what we felt was a basic right within this community and game. The ability to save up resources that we grind out so we can spend them when we want to. A lot of us just don’t care for gunships. So, we got the Thar’ga up to around 11. Then we ground our butts off to save up resources to build the next “alien tech” ship so we could hunt down and kill every Thar’ga in every PvP we could find.

Life didn’t work out that way…and I didn’t like it. You probably didn’t like it. None of the GMs liked it, and some of the Devs didn’t care for it. I wouldn’t even log in.

BUT they listened.

And that’s the point. It feels sometimes like the bean counters and guys “up in corporate” don’t listen. But the truth is you offer them arguments that are not just pure emotion and contain some logic. Eventually someone will get through. Doesn’t mean you will get what you want, but you can help change things.

Any family/community has arguments as they grow in size and age. Weak / average people leave their family’s at the first sign of trouble to try and start something new. The strong try and work things out. They leave only when there is nothing at all left to hold on to.

Every player here has a voice use it when needed…preferably with a brain attached to it.

Unless of course…you’re just a malcontent that will never be happy with anything, always whining about something. Trying to solve problems that nobody but you can see. In which case suck it up buttercup, nobody caters to snowflakes around here.


they listened to what? nothing changed. We don’t know how can we convert the old resources to new, the new resources will have limit as well.
This topic was way too early.

too late, i already uninstalled it.

i prolly will back again… 6 months or maybe a year

They did not listen to anything. That changes nothing.

1 minute ago, Swifter43021 said:

They did not listen to anything. That changes nothing.


Check back later these things don’t happen instantly.


I haven’t uninstalled but just most probably will wait for the evolution to be completed. Releasing it piece by piece and without giving us more precision on why or the futur, is just killing it for me.

Ressource limit is a technical requirement for what?

Ressource rework (crafted into new better stuff) why is that needed? Will we end up having less ressource types to manage or it’s just another shadowy trick.

Making it more difficult to obtain anything that has to be crafted why? Is players assumption right, it’s to get more money?

Everything is become a roll the dice,why? Isn’t that one of the most hated aspect in any game, ever?!

*Is the power that be decided to not care that much and said oh well, that’s what gaming is today, lets conform and lose our identity. What makes our game unique and loved, but doesn’t make us rich. *Thinking out loud.

As i said a while back. It’s breaking the game to get one part of the big plan early without counter beside the next (x-amount) of big patch. Or at least knowing what said change is part of. Giving us the big picture and so less prone to discouragement or early raging and quitting.

I’ll suggest again. WAIT , release small graphic update patch, bug fix patch, little goodies here and there, then the big somewhat-final product. 

11 minutes ago, Seraphym1 said:

Check back later these things don’t happen instantly.

No you don’t get it. They said clearly that the limit will stay. This change is just a way to help us dissolve our resources. But in the future items will be limited to 200

No, they did not listen. Only they reacted something to storm of indignation. If they write in the developer blog, that they will introduce the resource limit and explain why it is needed. Then we talk about it. Then I say that they are listened.

What happened?

Limiting resources is a natural thing after implementing something like a trade, the only thing that is the problem here is instead of gradual limiting they went from unlimited to 200 in one day which is a total no-go. Seems like we could get our way after all but let’s wait and see first. 

1 hour ago, ORCA1911 said:

Limiting resources is a natural thing after implementing something like a trade,

Why? Please explain to me.

1 hour ago, Oregyen said:

Why? Please explain to me.

It matters, when resources actually become tradable. So far, we got no such items listed for a trade, but they will be in the near future.

But trading costs money! 

You don’t do something as restricting as a resource limit, to make a paid feature more used. 

That’s forcing player to invest money into it. 

2 hours ago, Oregyen said:

Why? Please explain to me.

Supply and demand in it’s simplest form.

2 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

Supply and demand in it’s simplest form.

No. You don’t balance supply and demand by limiting socks. That’s two different concepts.

The only thing that limiting stocks do, is preventing peoples to plan ahead of time. 


Supply and demand is instead balanced by reducing/increasing either loots or the recipes using the item.

You’re not supposed to reach the stack limit in a properly balanced economy to begin with. If players reach the limit, there’s somewhere something wrong. 

When i say limits i think of several thousands of units and not 200 units as we saw few days ago, let that be clear. But then again, what i have in my mind will never happen, at least not properly thats for sure.

This game still completely sucks a fifty five after 1.2 ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) Battle Doggos was the last good update concerning player base and the amount of fun anyone can have in the game… #bringbacktheageofbattledoggos



10 items  - Controlling xenobots, Molecular xenoassemblers, Atomic xenoassemblers, Accumulating xenocrystals, Signal nanoreceivers, Tai’kin instruction nanoprojectors, Entangled shards, Crystal cascade, Crystal storage, Unstable crystal

But why