These changes to the loyalty rewards for sub-factions makes me not want to play!

I’m T4 now and I need sub-faction rank 11 to buy anything decent for my ship, my current sub-faction rank is 8. In the time it took to get 30% into sub-faction rank I got 150000k faction xp. That’s a whole level. I don’t play games for the grind. If the developer wants to go down this path I’m not really interested in supporting them.


I purchased a 30 day licence to support the game, but I can see that the decisions Gaijin Entertainment are making aren’t going to keep the game alive for long. 


Major issues I see which will affect the long term viability to Star Conflict:

  • Pay to win: Buying superior ships that can be used in lower level matches (T4 ships in T3 matches) is disgusting. Honestly, follow Riot Entertainment’s business model. Charge for skins and cosmetics, don’t try and sell items and ships that give players an unfair advantage. 

  • No tits, no xxxx, no cute girls: Sex sells. Simply having a sexy splash art of your ‘pilot’ on the loading screen will make people spend money for skins, badges, and ‘pilots’. Maybe even sell avatar images which come up when you kill someone?

  • Grind: Nobody likes it and it doesn’t make people play more or fold and buy ships and items.

  • Not enough content: Too few ship classes, too few game types, too few maps. You need to be rolling this stuff out MONTHLY for people to stay interested.

  • No meta game: Players want to see progression, they want to be part of a ‘side’, of a conflict. You could whip up a rough meta-game in a week-end! Just have a map with hexagons, every time a ‘side’ wins, they win the block, and slowly take over the galaxy. That’s what people enjoy. 


Analyse successful games and don’t get greedy. Charging such high prices and having p2w schemes will only chase away potential customers. 




A game developer who lost his company because he got greedy.

We already have topics about this and the contract system will be adjusted in the next patches.