Thermo-launcher TL-5



Initially, the Mendez engineers were not going to work on creating a new weapon, but the Liu Family changed these plans. The Liu scientists proposed to create a weapon that can reduce the resistance of the armor to thermal damage. The tests of the first prototypes lasted longer than planned because the weapon did not manage to heat the projectile before firing. After a thorough analysis of the situation, the Liu Family developed a new energy flow distributor, which made it possible to hold the projectile and significantly increase its temperature. Later, the scientists found out that interrupting the operation of the distributor allows to create a flow of relatively weak charges. After a series of long discussions, it was decided to combine these two methods of shooting. The final results showed excellent efficiency of the weapons against all types of targets. This completely satisfied the command, and soon the TL-5 Thermo-launcher was ready for mass production.


From the Liu Family’s engineers reports:


  • The first tests of the prototype have been temporarily suspended. In the course of observation, we found out that the weapon was unable to hold the projectile at the required temperature. This feature will not allow the charge to weaken enemy armor, and this will negatively affect the efficiency of the ship in battle.
  • The new ENE-56 energy flow distributor solved the problem of firing projectiles with the parameters required by the specification. We also noticed a design feature that was not initially embedded in the system.
  • Our new “defect” made it possible to implement the two-mode principle of firing. We are launching the tests.
  • Development of the Thermo-launcher TL-5 is complete. At the moment, we are preparing for mass production of these weapons.

Wie hoch wird die Feuergeschwindigkeit sein und bei welchem Überhitzungsgrad? bzw. in welcher Zeit…ich nehme doch mal an dass dies eine Kinetik Waffe ist