Theoretical LRF Weapon

So here is the concept:

Recall that when you hold down the primary weapon trigger a red circle appears with lines in the circle. Those lines will represent levels or stages of the theoretical weapon. It has very weird mechanics.




Things that change as the weapon progresses through the heating cycle are the explosion radius, damage, and projectile speed. There is no optimal range, only maximum so range at which the projectile hits the target doesn’t matter like it does with other conventional weapons.

As the heating cycle progresses the explosion radius is not an explosion radius. It acts as an bullet so to speak. But as it charges up and finally released, the explosion radius becomes larger with each level. With each level, damage done is reduced and projectile speed reduced. 

After each shot it reloads much like how a singularity cannon reloads but longer. It has a very short cooldown but once it overheats it takes a very, very long time to cool down. So in a way it punishes you if you go too far.

It’s range is fighter weapon stock range but it is for an LRF.

So to recap:
As the weapon warms up, it’s properties are changed with each passing line on the warm-up circle. It turns from a single projectile into an explosion that grows progressively bigger. Meanwhile as the weapon warms up, damage is reduced and projectile speed is reduced. It has a medium sized maximum range. This is to encouraged closer LRFs. It has a long reload. It has a short cooldown but once it has overheated the cooldown becomes very long.

Suppose I just point and click at a target. Because I did not charge up the shot, it’s damage is high, it moves relatively fast and it only affects one enemy but because it has a long reload you can’t spam it much like the ELRF special.

Now suppose I charge up the shot. It does lower damage, it moves slower but it affects multiple targets much like the JLRF special. If I charge it too long, though, it backfires on me and now I have to wait a very long time for it too cooldown.


Sorry if I repeated myself a lot. And I hope you understand the concept

thoughts? just an idea for discussion not suggestion to devs

Sounds like an advanced assault railgun/coil mortar combination. I like the general idea, but I think if this got into the game, the coil mortar would just be forgortten. This weapon would be a lot more useful than the coil mortar anyhow thanks to the uncharged shot.

uncharged shot does no explosion

uncharged shot does no explosion

That’s what I mean: the uncharged shot is a lot more useful against interceptors.

Lol I put and i instead of an o in shot and it blocked it. Can’t the forum detect I made a typo?!

Just like the tackler laser has more utility/use than the ion beam? Or the eclipse launcher has more use than the coil mortar w/ less absolutely no spread and way faster projectile speed plus the ability to heal?

Oh and btw the damage type is thermal for the special LRF weapon and the spread is in the vicinity of 1.5-.8 degrees w/o electronic guidance. Spread doesn’t change as the weapon heats up.

Not a bad idea.  You’re having good ones lately :wink:


How will this work against other frigates?  Will it be powerful enough in the later stages to kill them?  If dmg goes down, and you’re shooting a guard who’s properly phased, you’re going to have trouble no matter what.

It will work the same against an interceptor but you need to time the charge right so the damage doesn’t go down a lot but you still get the 50% explosion towards frigates.

I need help on the numbers.

I am not sure if I got you right, so I want to ensure my understanding


by the level of charging you can adapt your weapon to the incoming ship type?!

This seems OP, please elaborate further

By charging your shot you are able to adapt to the situation. It doesn’t make the weapon OP because the numbers would be balanced. Like I said I need help with numbers. I think there will be four stages.


The weapon is supposed to deal a lot of damage but be hard to use. Like the LRF special modules, each shot counts. A really good alpha strike weapon but lower than average DPS.


worded wrong. ill just show you some numbers

Numbers based on the translated RU SC wiki. Numbers compared to the numbers of other weapons, modules and missiles.

Stats are for an Mk1 weapon

Numbers are without any implant , modifier changes, ammo 


Things that don’t change as the weapon progresses


Range of fire: 4200 meters

Spread: .6 degrees

Full overheating/cooling: Takes 8 seconds to fully overheat; once fully overheated it takes 7 seconds to cooldown; else the cooldown is almost instanteous

Weapon Reloading: After each projectile is launched it takes 3 seconds to reload. (That means without any charge at all it has a ROF of 20 rounds/min)

Critical Chance: 6%

Critcal Damage Bonus: 175%


Stage 1 (0-1.9 seconds of charging)


DPS: 366

Damage/Round: 1100

ROF: 20 rounds/minute

Explosion Radius: N/A

Detonation Range: N/A

Projectile Speed: 5400


Stage 2 (2-3.9 seconds of charging)


Stage 3 (4-5.9 seconds of charging)


Stage 4 (6-8 seconds of charging)

Stage 2:  2-3.9 seconds of charging: Matter “Confuser”


Fires a volley of projectiles, each dealing low damage, but high shot count and random damage type make it a deadly shot to take full hits on.


Total amount of projectiles:

At MK IV, 18, roughly 6 of each damage type, though it has a chance for all 18 to be of one type.

At MK I, 12, roughly 4 of each damage type.

Projectile Damage (Each): 100 pts, random damage type.

Total damage, if all hit:  ~1800

Projectile Speed: Instant.

Spread: >2 deg.  THIS IS AN IMPORTANT VALUE FOR THIS STAGE.  Too low, and it’s OP.  Too high, and it’s too weak.

RoF: ~20 r/min

DPS: ~600


We can make the volley bigger to increase DPS if ppl think it’s too low.  Personally, I think this weapon would be really cool because it theoretically works AROUND resistances by dealing a spread of multiple types of damage.  Now, since there is a chance for all damage to phase to one type, then it still has the chance to be negated by resists or have a larger effect.  The low rate of fire would ensure that it’s not overpowered, since missing a shot is detrimental.


Thoughts on this?  We can tweak things as need be.

ok, i got it


let me forward this to the Devs

ok, i got it


let me forward this to the Devs


Maybe they can work out the “multiple stages” bit.  It seems impossible to have a charge-up time for the weapon, which dictates its mode, while maintaining continuous firing of the weapon.  Maybe it can be a mode that is either controlled by the user, with a set cooldown between mode changes, or the mode is random.


I just think, if you’re trying to stay in, say Mode 3, it’d be hard to maintain that since the weapon overheats slowly and then would go to mode 4, and if it cools too much, mode 2.  Seems a bit tricky.

Engle isnt getting my stage idea.


I just wanted that as you charge up the shot it changes the properties of the single projectile that you are shooting. Like a gauss or positron cannon except spread doesn’t change but properties do. changing damage type was NOT one of those properties. damage, projectile speed and how big the explosion is if the explosion is active.

Yet your mechanism is simply impossible for a major reason I’m surprised you overlooked:


Max charge time = 8 seconds.

Meaning maximum shots at the highest level are 7/minute.  Which is ridiculous.


No, if this is the mechanism you want, then you have to reduce the charge-up time.  But then, another problem emerges: control.  Right now, the 2nd level starts at 2 seconds, the third at ~4.  So if you want to keep your idea, you will have to give something up because then it will be too short to control effectively, and the wrong shot would be easy…especially when latency is taken into account.

No one said you have to do a fully charged shot all the time for the full minute… Like I said the numbers will bring the balance. The mechanic is fine as it is.


For example you can do a fully charged shot when the situation demands it. I think the explosion radius will be about 400 meters like the EM torp. So shoot a fully charged projectile at a beacon with a bunch of enemies. Even though the damage is weak it will be multiplied over a bunch of enemies. Then I could shoot a couple stage 2 projectiles at frigates or shoot a couple stage 3 projectiles at the beacon again.


So the situation determines the effectiveness of each stage.

ok, i got it


let me forward this to the Devs


I said it was simply a discussion. Once I have the numbers sorted out and the mechanics finalized then I will create a suggestion thread with a poll. Then you can forward. Thank you anyways.

the Devs will anyway play with the numbers - the idea is good

Thanks. Does that mean that the devs are currently or are planning to test it?

accordingly to NDA no answer!


all suggestions are being equally presented to the Devs