Them darned pirates

Me and everyone else who bothered to play:“OMG finally! 1.5.1 made OS useful again! You can find items and credits and vouchers and Iridium if you spend time!”


Devs:“Hey look we reverted OS back to the desolate wasteland of credits that it used to be with 1.5.1b! Have fun suffering!”

Illogical. But of course, they are not playing the game, so they messed it up again.

I won’t farm for the missing modules in Open Space, that’s for sure!

Such equipment should come from missions as well. Forced attitude is not a solution here. You’re chasing everyone away!

OS was gonna be the only thing getting me really back in game. When it came out i thought it was good. until i spent almost a whole 4 hrs getting absolutely nothing in open space unless i grabbed those vanadium and 1k cred rocks.

 SO yea. First and only time i’m saying it. Bye bye Star Conflict. you were good, i had fun. I left i came back. but now i’m gone you lost me and have fun with your thousand players doing nothing but dailies.