Theft of honest $$$

So I start playing this kewl space game named Star Conflict, and my entry week bonus wears off and to my dismay I cant play with many of my friends or see much progress at all without a bonus license.


I finally break myself down and buy one and BAMN… literally that following day I log in and see this last update and now progress has been heavily slowed due to rep/loyalty contracts versus the original of giving rep/loyalty for being in a match. 


So, now I find out my hard earned money, that I felt would give me respectable progress, has now been stolen because I was shown one product and now I have something completely different.


Had I known that the license bonuses and all rewards linked to them would be getting nerfed I would have seriously questioned how much further I wish to get into this game.


What is a player to do when stunts like this are done in the beginning? How can we show this gaming company loyalty when we get side-blinded by such changes that hit us personally because of the $$$ involved?


This would be a non issue if our hard earned $$$ AND time were not involved in this. However due to the last change, I can now see that a serious amount of time must be invested in order to see good progress and with that time comes more $$$ if I wish to play with more then a few friends or want progress in other areas of the game!


…a very surprised , unpleased player!

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