The WolfPack [WPK] - Changing Allegiance to Empire

The following statement is made on behalf of my corporation and strictly as a player only.


Due to shifts in the political landscape and an enormous influx in zerg corporations shifting to Jericho side, The WolfPack command have decided to leave Jericho in order to join our friends & allies on the Empire side and assist them actively in driving back the zerg hordes.


We have no interest in our PvP victories contributing to the acquisition of territory by corporations who don’t currently deserve to hold any.


Official statement follows in the video below.



That is all.

Yey welcome at Empire side :slight_smile: Rage also is there atm :slight_smile:



Why hide Sheep?

I want to paint my T3+ Sheeps! 

Good to have you aboard.



Why hide Sheep?

I want to paint my T3+ Sheeps! 

Good to have you aboard.

Our current strategy is to mingle with the sheep. Our cloaking devices have been tweaked to perfection and the Wardens have failed to notice us, thus far.






Welcome to the Empire :smiley:

From the depths of Empire space, an assembly of individuals dressed in SIGINT Division grey gathered around a steel table. The room had no windows, and the only source of light came from the dizzying array of screens nestled between two walls. Off to the side stood Illath Kor, NASA’s Jericho-born intelligence analyst. The party had just finished discussing the contents of The WolfPack’s public announcement when the call came in from High Command.


Honestly, the Emperor should have learned to mind his own business back before the Twin Coin Incident, but Kor wasn’t about to say anything. There were enough difficulties managing the war effort without having to navigate the red-tape lands of Imperial bureaucracy. It was a wonder how the Navy functioned though, as Kor reconsidered, perhaps that was too much credit to be placing on men who needed corporations to host privately-funded death matches in order to boost revenue.


The clicking of illuminated keys brought Kor back to the present moment. Compared with the waves made by those larger corporations, the changing of WPK’s allegiance was a mere ripple in the fabric of the cosmos. Ultimately, most would not care to give it a second thought. However for the guys who could not rely on numbers, those forced into positions of no progression or retreat, it wasn’t so much the size of the initial impact that mattered but rather the diligent guidance of the after effects.


Leaning back in her chair, Kor addressed to no one in particular, “Do you suppose that sheep statement was too obvious? I personally found it rather amusing.”

“…Arrgh…,” Mustacho uttered as he leaned forward, head braced with his hand. A moment passed and his eyes scanned through the remainder of the message “…damnit!”


The Dugesia awoke and acted surprised, seated next to Mustacho at rather seedy bar booth. The catastrophic results of a raging bender still over the horizon.  “Hey guy, what’s up?”


“Are sheep and lambs the same thing?”


“Sheeps give you wool.”


Somehow Mustacho was still unsatisfied, and tossed the uplink with the message available for Dugesia to see.


“Oh hey! I know those guys. They’re cool, man.”


“Yeah, that. Here, i need that back,” he snatched back the uplink and pulled back his other hand to activate a virtual keyboard, encoding a response.


A well done Kingfisher. Question: Are Sheep and Lamb the same thing?


“For Science!”

Damnit Mustacho, you made me laugh out loud in the middle of the office. I am getting some really peculiar looks right this moment.


The subtle use of sheeps in urban slang manner is flipping brilliant.


_ Sheeps _;

~according to drunk people it is the plural of sheep

I go to an “1 bar wi-fi => internet less” connection and you guys go yellow. So be it … Will help re-color the map once I am back !

A deep, muffled sigh is the only noise coming from EvilTactician as he strolls through the noisy bar and makes his way over to the booth where he usually conducts meetings which require more ‘discretion’. For the briefest of moments, a cloaked individual already sitting in the booth looks up from a pitcher of ale and some official documents which look like they’d definitely not belong in this kind of establishment.


Without any real acknowledgement of each other, Evil takes a seat and lets his body relax. A motion with his hands signals one of the girls working in the bar, though no words are exchanged and no order is taken. Silence lingers for a few minutes, after which the girl returns with another pitcher and an unmarked data pad. Evil gives the girl a faint smile, and hands her his credit chip.


“Deduct the agreed amount, and take enough to replace that monstrosity outside you call transportation - before you kill yourself”


The girl smiles back, makes a brief curtsy and turns around to get back to the other patrons. A quick glance around re-assures Evil that nobody in the bar is paying them any attention whatsoever. lifting the data pad slowly, he presses a few buttons and starts reading. As his eyes scan the page, he grasps for his pitcher, empties it in one go, and carefully places it back on the table. The cloaked individual is the first to break the silence in a rather solemn sounding voice.


‘Is it done?’


“…Yes…”, Evil responds, whilst sliding the pad across the table.


The cloaked individual looks up in earnest, the light revealing the facial features of a woman. She picks up the data pad and starts reading slowly. Halfway the page she looks back up with a genuinely shocked expression on her face.


‘Damn. How reliable is this intel?’


“We wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure.”


‘<swears quietly>’


The woman turns off the pad and sticks it in one of the inside pockets of her cloak, short enough for nobody but Evil to spot the traces of the uniform of an Imperial officer. She slowly rises to get up, whilst pulling her cloak back in place in order to once again cover her identity. Another deep sigh as Evil looks back down at his now empty pitcher. He feels a comforting hand placed on his shoulder as the woman slowly indicates the intention to depart. 


‘Don’t worry, we’re all in this together. I’ll be in touch soon.’


A nod in acknowledgement as Evil slowly looks back up from his pitcher, but the woman has already vanished among the crowd. “I really wish she’d stop doing that.” Evil mutters to himself. Lifting his right hand to softly touch what seems like the inside of his right ear, he speaks to seemingly no-one at all. 


“…Proceed as planned…”

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Haha! Grand news! I’ve had some great times flying with your boys, and now I hope we can do so more often!


With the Wolfpack with us, who dare stand against us?  ;)wt

Me !

Me !