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Hello Everybody

I just wanted to start this thread to tell everyone on my thoughts about this game and it’s development. I joined this BETA back in January of 2013, my first impressions of this game were " hey this game is really fun, it reminds me of Counter-strike"(the first online pvp game I liked), the que times were horrible, and there aren’t that many people on.


Back then queue times for PVP was anywhere between 8 to 20 minutes during my primetime in North America and mixed tiers were the norm. 250 pilots online was the average, so me and my buddies would do some PVE and breeze through the ranks of all our factions. It was a piece of cake to level up back then. Then the Steam release came and OMG the population has increased by over 1000% and hey que times are awesome. " Let’s go do PVP!", but along with it came a new breed of pilot. The one’s that will never be happy and always find something they don’t like.

Over the past 10 months that I have been playing this game I have seen a lot of changes and I mean A LOT of changes. Did I think they were good changes at the time? NO hell no I didn’t, still don’t agree with how the lower tier ships don’t have all the weapons and modules that the upper tier ships do. I see this as the the dumbing down effect and it hampers the new players progression into higher tiers. Let them have everything so they know what and how everything works before they get into T3. Yes engineers that don’t have your buffs turned on I’m looking at you and those people that are brought into the harsh reality of Stasis generators.


Do I think the game is worse than it was before all the changes? NO hell no I don’t, it’s still fun as hell! The hard part is the population again and this is where all the negatives are coming from in my honest opinion. All the stuff about balancing this ship or that ship or this modules or that module is just blah to me because I’ll figure it out and know how to use it to my advantage. There are so many different play styles and niches that there is always going to be those that disagree. The question is can you respect that.

Hey we are almost to the release of this game so things should start calming down change wise and then the game might get back or retain more pilots. Once the population gets bigger I think a lot of the fun will come back into this game. This is just my point of view.       


P.S. Yes it’s a beta still I don’t buy the " If you’re paying for something then it’s not a beta" BS, because I will point you towards Star Citizen accepting donations or whatever you want to call them. It’s the same thing as putting money into this game! Except that’s not even a beta yet.

Trying to be politically correct, I must say the game itself ain’t bad, you’re right in that. I’m still having fun, even if I weren’t here for as much time as you or others. In general, the problem comes from dramatical modifications/corrections/fixes, the fact that in the last month and a half that I’ve been playing, I’ve experienced a HUGE change in almost EVERYTHING, some things are nice, others ain’t, some were kinda necessary, others idk from where the hell they come,but hey, every game has its highs 'n lows.

Personally I only find the matchmaking system to be a problem, the rest could stay the same for me, really. I can’t care less for the grinding and farming, I’m used to it and it also necessary to differentiate those that spend more hours and take the game seriously from those that are more casual, no one should expect to reach the top-ships with top-equipment in 1 month, that’s silly, no game works that way, not even the real life, you must take your time, a LONG time usually, and burn stages in accordance.


Speaking about “balance”, in every game (specially MMORPGs) there are characters (in our case, ships) that can be “built” in a special way to make them look OP, but in the end, they ain’t, because they only work under specific conditions and you can find a way to turn it around and beat them, you just have to find how, not go like a headless chicken in straight line to be slaughtered, and oh God, I’ve seen that A LOT, and they COMPLAIN afterwards that they died. What I’m saying is, there’s no need to keep nerfing and buffing like crazy whenever someone finds that certain pilot in certain ship with a certain build is “hard to kill”, because that’ll broke everything even more. Each ship, each class should be established once and for all and let them that way, if someone is a better pilot than you, well he’s better for a reason, you’ll have to try harder, train more, get better, don’t expect to be helped, you must stand up by yourself.

If we take a close look at the 2 latest patches feedback, the playerbase are only complaining about 2 things: matchmaking and speed reduction. Fix those, just those, and don’t break anything else in the meantime… Hell, by only fixing the matchmaking system the people will be calm again, nobody wants to face impossible odds, no one wants to suffer a pathetic team composed of 4 to 6 T1s, some T2s and a couple of T3s against a pack of T3s and T4s. Not when it doesn’t matter the pilot’s capabilities, but the ships individual and superior stats, weapons and module slots. Sure, you can’t hope to win always, but at least don’t make it impossible. I don’t get angry when I lose fair, by a close margin or when the other team was clearly superior, I get angry when I lose because I can’t win due to inmense handicap, a handicap that’s even prohibitive sometimes.

Finally, you mentioned Counter-Strike, I played it too, and a friggin’ lot (even making teams and going to competitions). Tell me, what happens when you’re low on money and can’t afford a proper weapon, have to go with the initial pistol or a Deagle, then you find someone with an AK47, M16 or Artic Rifle? Most of the times you’ll die, right? Unless you’re good, have practiced, know the game as the back of your hand, then it’s pretty possible that you’ll overcome the odds, either with a good tactic, with superb aim, with teamwork, or something like that. Well, that doesn’t happens here, not now.

PS: If something doesn’t make sense or it’s hard to understand, it’s because my english ain’t my mother tongue, I tried my best, sorry.

EDIT: If it sounds (or reads) like I’m speaking to you as if you were a dev, no, that’s not my intention, I’m"responding" to what you said and using it to speak openly, same way as you did, but with the intention that an admin/mod/dev reads it.


For me there are several issues that I would like to see fixed before release, being from most important to least:

Progression speed upped(The recent patch was a step in the right direction, but not there yet)

Ship tree

Mk1 prefit option to turn it off and reduce ship prices that way


Ship bonuses revamp/deletion(It’s quite hard to balance with so many bonuses in so many ships, while inhibitor field is not very large on non-bonused guards, it becomes very large with the 25% range increase)





PS: Interests:My daughter, -duuuuude, my mind makes that so wrong- :crazy: 

I’m probably one of the few people that doesn’t take issue with the new matchmaking system. I understand what the new system is trying to accomplish. It is attempting to forcibly stop experienced players from dominating and demoralizing the less experienced players. I see the value in that. I can clearly recall the times (pre-NASA) when I got frustrated and gave up after losing to the same squad repeatedly. Increasing the difficulty (on paper) for organized squads serves to test how sound their overall tactical decisions are. A team outfitted with Mk. 3 and Mk. 4 modules can still lose in spectacular fashion if they split up and try to be heroes. As of today, I take great pride in battling higher tier ships than my own and coming out on top. It lets me know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to.


Ship roles play a huge part in determining success or failure as well. I myself play Jericho’s Long Range Frigates on a regular basis because I like to harass from a distance, and can move to cover a beacon or a strategic point if the situation calls for it. I commonly spin the mouse-wheel forward in order to zoom in while simultaneously decreasing the DPI on my mouse for precise control. This action, combined with the ability for my ship to hit targets over 8,000 meters away has given me the ability to rescue my teammates from peril while maintaining distance from the actual battle. Alternatively, any time I’ve tried to spearhead an attack has resulted in almost certain failure. I have since learned to play my role and to play it well.


When I first piloted a Jericho LRF, I was not impressed. I thought they were slow and cumbersome, and I did not immediately recognize their tactical importance. The recent changes to the ship progression tree and synergy requirements forced me to invest a good amount of playtime on the torpedo boats. Since I was not content to just hide behind my team and try to get lucky with random torpedo shots, I learned many valuable tactics and strategies to maximize my effectiveness on the battlefield. Now, I couldn’t conceive of entering battle without my trusty Jericho LRF. It all boils down to one conclusion. Success in this game ultimately depends on team tactics.


Learning to play a ship’s role is key to success, as is choosing a ship class that complements each pilot’s style of play. Pilots must then learn to compose their teams of ships which work well together. Overall skill with weapons and the potency of his or her equipment can take a backseat if a novice player is well-guided. I believe that discipline is what we are lacking most in this game. Newer players are generally not accustomed to coping with a certain class’ strengths and weaknesses. Most action/shooters with multiple classes allow each class to move at an almost identical rate of speed. The difference between classes in those games usually boils down to which special ability a player wants to utilize. That mechanic is different from the one used in Star Conflict. Maybe that is the reason why I enjoy it so much. If lightning-fast Interceptors suddenly carried pulsars, or if tanky Guards suddenly carried Stasis Modules, the game wouldn’t function at all. It simply wouldn’t make sense.


I believe that a system of tutoring and training up newer players would help the community by leaps and bounds. Helping a new player to understand that he or she can overcome a better equipped squad through the use of superior tactics could potentially serve to imbue them with self-confidence and the desire to keep striving toward perfection. All too often, we see players ragequit and bail on the game because they have lost confidence in their ability to adapt and overcome. They see experienced players dominate the battlefield with apparent relative ease. What they do not realize is that those elite players have honed their skills with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Elite players do so because they enjoy picking a role that suits them and they strive toward perfection as a particular role.


The one point I have seen commonly made with regards to matchmaking is that the new system does not work for the first and second tiers. I believe this is where TacTicalWiZard’s point comes into play. Removing certain weapons and modules from lower tiers (specifically tier 2) severely handicaps any squads composed of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ships. Allow me to put it this way: If you gave slingshots to a S.W.A.T. team and pitted them against an unorganized group of immature gangsters who had access to AK-47’s, the gangsters would win. They would definitely win on an even battlefield and would almost certainly win even if they started at a tactical disadvantage. The point I’m trying to make is that certain ships play certain roles, and those role-players cannot grow their skills or utilize their true potential if their access to appropriate weapons and modules is limited.


I hope I’ve made some sense of the recent chaos that has become Star Conflict. I have seen some experienced players give up on the game recently and now I am in panic mode because I don’t want to watch the game lose its savor. Also, I recently have heard a lot of rhetoric along the lines of “Devs don’t care” and “Star Conflict is broken.” I would encourage anyone with those views to please elaborate specifically as to why you think that way. If the only thing you do is gripe and complain, nobody is going to listen to what you have to say and your valid points may be lost because you have been dismissed as a rabble-rouser. I thank anyone who has taken the time to read my words carefully and with an open mind.


Best of luck to you all,



I agree with TacTicalWiZard mainly.



Personally, only big things I see as problems standing in the way of the release are:


1) No end-content / corporation content.


2) Progression slowness (credits).

But even this isn’t an issue, if you just play for fun (e.g. T3). The money comes along, eventually. Right now, especially due to above point grind is not issue, as there really isn’t any end/corp-content to grind to :wink: no rush to anywhere. (this hopefully will change before release though, and then the grind is issue, even if it isn’t right now that big issue).



All other I see as minor tweaking issues that can be fixed even after release with bigger player base (issues like MM, individual modules/weapons, ship trees, ships, all small stuff).

Dreadnoughts are coming. I still have faith.

Even if they are lame when they are first introduced to the game, it will still be new content and it will give corporations more objectives toward which to strive. Also, I’m looking forward to large battles versus rival corporations that center around the Dreadnoughts. I anticipate that such battles will be very intense. Obviously, I do not have any inside information. I am just speculating. Fun Dreadnought battles seem feasible though, don’t they?

I have to echo these comments, as I was with Tac when he joined, and then Joined NASA not too long after he created it after the STA (Stoned Assassins) practically disbanded.


When I came to this game last january, I thought it was amazing. I near instantly after 3 days of playing, bought a 6 month license. The game was pure fun, and enemies were unpredictable. It was actually balanced as it required a hell of alot of skill to play and you basically relied on your team to win. Sure there was only like 300 people and MM waiting times were long, but once you got into a match, it was fair game for anyone. Battles were always neck and neck. 


After the steam release, and now the crazy super ultra mega patches of doom came soon after, everything that I hold dear to the game came CRASHING down. 


Progression - Halted or slowed down to the point of no return!

MM times - actually increased (but where only like 2 minutes max right after the steam release)

Income - Hard. My T2 friend whom I shall not name, only gains 30k Credits FOR WINS. I gain 100K cause I have Licenses and 3 DLCS. Thus this game is almost forcing you to pay to grind less, how the hell can you gain ships with only 30K per match!?

Teamplay - Non existent. Before you used to be almost required to be on Teamspeak even for T2! Cause there was no ping system! You had to communicate! Now, you can practically turn the tide of battle by yourself and forget going after objectives. Combat Recon matches are so boring, I leave them sometimes when I have xxxx team and when both sides do NOTHING. 


There used to be adrenaline running through my sweet roll infused veins, and I was always at the edge of my seat trying to damn hardest to take a dude out, help a teammate, or just be a good skilled pilot. 


Now, I yawn, and wonder, what the hell happened. Its…Its not fun anymore, but feels like Im working towards…absolutely nothing. No point of T5 ships cause there is nothing there. T4 MM is horrid. Im stuck in T3 cause thats where I have the most fun, or whats left of it. 

The combat recon in t3 now is like how the old t2 combat recon was played. Victory depends on having less idiotic feeders than the enemy team.

PS: Interests:My daughter, -duuuuude, my mind makes that so wrong- :crazy: 

Duuuuuuuuuude, don’t be a weirdo xD

Duuuuuuuuuude, don’t be a weirdo xD

I have been playing since 7.8 and am still here, if I wasn’t a weirdo, i would have left long ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Duuuuuuuuuude, don’t be a weirdo xD

I have been playing since 7.8 and am still here, if I wasn’t a weirdo, i would have left long ago :stuck_out_tongue:

What does this have to do with the topic? Please comment on the status of the game, or at least give us your views on matchmaking or progression.

Shadow is right about the state of combat recon. When I play combat recon I like to engage in the main battle that typically forms in the middle of the map. If said battle does not form, I turn around and head back to support my captain b/c I expect an ambush. When I get to the front lines of a battle, I pick a spot from which to use terrain to peek out and take pot shots while I wait for an opportunity to jump an enemy ship that gets out of position.

All too often, I am forced to sit back and watch while a couple of players on my team trickle in and attempt to plow through a group of six or seven enemy ships alone. You all know what happens next. The problem is that the reality of the situation never sinks in. I think it would help if players received a reminder message about teamplay and how impossible it is to go solo after dieing twice in rapid succession without scoring a kill.


P.S. Yes it’s a beta still I don’t buy the " If you’re paying for something then it’s not a beta" BS, because I will point you towards Star Citizen accepting donations or whatever you want to call them. It’s the same thing as putting money into this game! Except that’s not even a beta yet.


The difference is when you’re paying for something in a beta state, you expect your money to be properly refunded when sweeping changes are made. For example, if you bought a premium module before 0.8.0, the ship you used to have it on before may not have been able to use that premium module anymore. PLUS, after changes, premium ships may have been locked into a role that you no longer enjoyed playing. Without a doubt, every single piece of real paid currency should have been refunded at that patch. It never was. They didn’t respect their paying customers. After seeing that I decided I would never pay a penny for the game.

The primary problem is that they’re trying to turn in into a legit space MMO from a battle arena (like WoT, War Thunder) as far as I can tell. This screws everyone that wanted it just as space dogfighter battle arena game. The problem with this is that they’re alienating a huge portion of their possible customer base as they come, get mad at changes, leave, and never touch the game again.

The primary problem is that they’re trying to turn in into a legit space MMO from a battle arena (like WoT, War Thunder) as far as I can tell. This screws everyone that wanted it just as space dogfighter battle arena game. The problem with this is that they’re alienating a huge portion of their possible customer base as they come, get mad at changes, leave, and never touch the game again.

Yup! They have alienated me, and I use to love this game because it was nothing but a Space Combat game. The DEVs have totally screwed this game up, and I refuse to play it any more. Don’t bother responding directly to me as I will not be back to these forums ever again. I loathe this game now, and it pains me to say it as I once loved it. I only have a month to go until Star Citizen Dog Fighting Module comes out, so I will just not be able to get my Space Combat fix until then, but I can handle it.



Adios all my friends on here. I hope to see a lot of you on Star Citizen!