The updated Matchmaking system



Attention, mercenaries! With the 1.5.0f update in Star Conflict, a new type of matchmaking system is available, oriented towards game mastery. This allows us to create balanced battles based on the current global fleet revamp, where each ship regardless of rank now has unique characteristics and equipment. The game now has a lot of new tactical decisions, opportunities for maneuver and choice of the enemy.


The system itself will organize a battle with opponents that match your level of play. To increase your level, effectively complete tasks on the battlefield, work in a team and, of course, win.


Skirmish now has three game types:

  • Easy: the battles involve rookie pilots

  • Normal: the battles involve pilots with an average level of skill

  • Hard: the battles involve pilots with a high level of skill


If your ship is not of the highest rank in combat, additional bonuses are applied it, enhancing survivability and damage of the ship. Bonus strength depends on how close your ship’s rank is to the maximum possible rank in combat. This allows the ships of lower ranks to compensate for their weakness in technical characteristics.

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