The Universal “Revenge”

Note 0330.

The brief from the report of “Whirlwind” empire squad`s leader.

The new intelligence information about the pirate destroyer “Revenge”.


“…We were doing another task in faraway places from home. Headquarters “Huron”. We thought the Enclave certainly didn’t need such a small base. However, we were wrong…”


“…We were about to leave the sector, but we fixed the appearance of Antares destroyer rather close to us. You know, you already feel instinctively that it is another pirate toy. We even thought that it was sent specifically for us…”


“…Why? Well, we have shot at least one such ship before. I think they want to take out our ubiquitous and powerful squad. They felt resistance, piratic wretches!..”


“…We were right, the ship immediately flew towards our squad. As we regrouped, we without delay began to dodge the railgun projectiles. This well-known weapon allowed us to find weak points in this destroyer`s direct attacks. Though its power was significantly higher, I still remember how I got some…”

 “…Like the “Happy”, this destroyer was shielding itself with barriers from us. I wouldn’t say that it was such a big problem , but each barrier forced us to regroup…”


“…However, it didn’t always let us inflict losses continually. When we destroyed almost a quarter of his shield, it switched on an additional one. The ball-shaped mantelet as an additional barrier protected him from our actions for some time…”


“…Our interceptors tried not to fly close. It was equipped with a blaster turret with reinforced projectiles. If it hits you, you won’t be able to espace…”


“…One more borrowed thing from “Happy” is pulsars. It is the most horrible thing ever, that you can’t escape from. Thankfully, the engineers did a great job and we tore this destroyer without any losses…”


“…I guess we are getting used to wiping out the destroyers. Talk to you later, these are not all pirate toys for sure!..”