The Universal Contract/Assignment (PvP/PvE modes)

To continue, where the last topic went off, because this is actually a separate suggestion tied to an economy.



Universal Contract - requires ship/s of rank 15 only (definite end-game tier), or rank 13-15 (end-game tier)

Rank 15 ships can be acquired through casual means by purchasing regular ships of rank 15.

Rank 15 ships can be acquired through casual means by purchasing premium ships of rank 15.

Rank 15 ships can be acquired through casual means by crafting a Secret Project ships of rank 15.


Description of the Universal Contract:

Complete all 96 contracts in PvP/PvE  with all the factions in order to receive a reward.

Reward: 30-45 monocrystals

Cool-down period: 3-5 days



Concerned player: “Are you saying, that no ships of rank 13 and 14 will count towards such Universal/Elite/Ultimate contract?”

Koromac: "Yes, possibly. But don’t you worry, maybe 13-15 ranks can still count. It’s up to developers to decide. You can also use standard ships and they don’t need to be fully synergised.

Promotion of Secret Project ships is important. With their special ability - Tokens, such ships will become much more popular to construct, which brings more profit in the end.



Universal Contract takes into account all of currently available contracts in the existence, which means all  Empire, Federation and Jericho factions as well.

You need to complete each such contracts at least once, in order to progress to the next ones.

To know, which one has been completed, there should be a special icon on each such completed contract. If the cool-down period already expired, you still know, which ones you still need to complete.

Once you do complete all 96 of them, I believe, that Universal Contract should go into cool-down mode. Cool-down period should last from 3 to 5 days, to prevent excessive farming.


If League contract/assignment will still remain as it is , the reward should be changed to something else, like neodium plates and beryllium rods, without any random vouchers.



Most people will once again grab a Premium license, just to get advantage of this benefit. It’s a healthy and smart way of doing business. I hope that you will agree with me.

Believe me, extra 15 monocrystals is enough to grab yourself a Premium license for a month or three.



Listen to me and you will be fine.

Vote Yes for the Universal Contract!






Only thing I will disagree on is about Leagues. Yes, it is full of elite teams who just want to maul everything, but let’s say it like this. There needs to be more teams encouraged to play just so that people will at least have a chance to play for monocrystals.


There are plenty of players out there who are capable of playing R11-15 gameplay, so there really isn’t much excuse not to play it other than the fear of getting a team like one of the two Ninja teams or the Ninja team or DESU.


Honestly, it needs promotion, not exclusion. Other than that, the endgame players need rewards for things - they made it that far and they’ve been that loyal.

Universal assigment looks nice. May happen later on.

Universal assigment looks nice. May happen later on.

That’s nice to know.

It’s a step in the right direction.


One more thing. Monocrystal reward should not be lower than 30 or 45 with a license, for doing regular PvP/PvE mode.

If Leagues will still carry the same reward, then it should be slightly increased as well. Like 50 monocrystals without a license and 75 monocrystals with one. Rewards for the Leagues are currently too low.

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Can we expect this in 1.4.0 update?