The Unity [Ship]

Name: The Unity

Type: Unclassified unique ship

Rank: 18

Lore: This elegant ship is of ancient and magnificent design. Hidden away in a rich-looking hangar under a mountain in Vior, it seems that this ancient warship was not built only to dominate any battlefield, but also to be a luxury yacht of sorts for whatever fabulous creature was first its pilot. Its design was so ingenious and fine that it took months for even the greatest minds of the galaxy to replicate it. Now, this massive ship holds its place as the most sought-after craft known to modern civilization.


To manufacture The Unity, the player must first be in a corporation, and second have access to the corporate shipyard. Then they must gather enough raw materials to open their own minor shipyard close-by. After this, the pilot can begin transferring masses of resources including Iridium to their personal shipyard to construct pieces of the ship. They must build 5 pieces of the ship before it can be flown: the Bridge, Main Hull, Minor Hull, Collider Ring, and Engine Array. Each part would require massive amounts of standard resources, as well as special parts which can only be found in the wreckage of particularly unique and tough pilots in space. These pilots are extremely powerful and will likely require either expert skill, or unwavering teamwork to defeat. Upon being built, The Unity can be flown in any mode, but must be manually parked at the shipyard to be upgraded.


The Unity can be upgraded in many different ways compared to normal ships. They will mostly not change its appearance, but will greatly vary its combat ability and utility in space. The primary turrets can be crafted, and active modules can be built at the shipyard.

It would have different “upgrades” that would drastically change the way the ship works and feels in combat and OS. One would be the classic “tank” option for ships, optimizing resistance, volume, and damage output for reduced speed, maneuvering, and other stats. The second would change it to be like an assault ship: fast, high damage, but little armor. The third would be a “utility” mode and largely be restricted to Open Space. It would max out cargo space, allow crazy radar range and pickup range, and give great speed and resistance with limited firepower from main weapons. All upgrades would cost the same and once unlocked be able to be switched between them at no additional cost.

Prinary weapons would also be a little different. They would be on large gimballed mounts across the ship and be destructible like destroyer modules. (though they would have much higher durability and require focused fire to destroy.) every different primary wepaon would be crafted, but blueprints and resources for them would be readily available, not hidden behind “random” walls. Each turret would present 3-4 “normal” turrets and have a realistic firing cone. (for example a turret on top of a flat surface would be able to fire just outside of 180 degrees based on the model.) The Unity would likely have up to two turret mounts on each “side” of the ship to give 6-8 “normal” turret equivalent to them. This is of course balanced out by the destructibility of them and realistic firing cones. No more than two mounts will be able to fire at once. (due to energy conservation blah blah blah)

Active modules would include slightly toned down and modified destroyer modules, including a few new ones.
Quantum Accelerator: Heavy railgun that functions identically to the Photon Emitter but travels much faster for 12,000m and has no negative effect afterwards.
Rebound Projector: A turret that projects large shields to protect the user and nearby allies.
Anomaly Fusor: Fires a remote controlled drone that lasts for 30 seconds. Firing the drones “weapon” activates the modules effect in that position. Pulls energy directly from the collider to warp a 450m area in space. The affected area in uninhabitable by any ship and persists for 8 seconds. It also emits a pulse every 2 seconds that randomly teleports nearby ships a small distance. Beacons disrupt the effect within 750m, making it last half the time.
Blanket Mines: Places a wide and tall wall of mines in the desired direction.


Special Module:
Since the ship will be built around a “collider ring” of sorts, it will require active energy maintenence via the special module. The collider will also have a special “Anomaly Fuel” that drains as active modules and special weapons are used. Caps at 1000pts.
“Collider Control”: Activation switches between multiple modes with various effects.
1: Quantum Siphon: Regenerates anomaly fuel at 50pts/s. For each ship within 3,500m the regeneration is increased by 10pts/s up to 100pts/s and the enemies lose 10% of energy each second.
2: Anomaly Designator: The “Anomaly Fusor” requires this mode to be activated for use. Drains 750pts of Anomaly Fuel on module use.
3: Module Optimization: Causes active modules to cooldown 30% faster and have a 25% increase in both effect, duration, and range. Active modules drain 100pts of Anomaly Fuel per use while optimized.
4: Pure Burn Mode: The afterburners bring the ship to 650m/s and improve maneuvering capability by 200%. Burns 50pts of Anomaly Fuel per second of afterburner use.
5: Phasic Disintegration: Cloaks the ship and shuts down weapons and modules. Repairs the ship for 3,750pts/s for shield and hull. Burns 50pts of Anomaly Fuel per second. If an enemy comes within 750m of the cloaked ship, it takes considerable hull damage and increases regeneration by 50%.
6: Support Mode: The ship constructs up to 6 support drones to follow the ship. The drones each consume 200pts of Anomaly Fuel once on disbatch. Drones each repair 250pts shield and hull for the ship and allies within 300m of them. They also fire on nearby enemies for 750dmg/s Kinetic.



More stuff TBA maybe