The song to end the "bacon" in chat.


can we put this to bed now?

O yeah, nice one.  :lol:

it kind of reminds me of The horse song



can we put this to bed now?

So… I see why there’s no “pause” button…

The song is stuck in my head now, but it is great!

can we put this to bed now?


You know it didn’t start yesterday…


So in a chat, full of internet people who see the word ‘beacon’ about 50 times an hour…  there is no chance.

Wierdly it goes quite well to star conflict.


I hate you !!


 I managed to stop listening to this ages ago.

I just relapsed and have had it playing the last 20 min

the last 20 min

20 min, meh…

I were listening to Pork song for 4+ hours while playing SC the day OP made this topic. Even downloaded pork mp3  :lol:

otherwise we could use this :smiley:


Or perhaps have yourself a can of pork soda. You’ll be feeling just fine.