The Ships of Star Conflict

The Ships of Star Conflict



Hello, pilot! Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about ships and ship arnaments in Star Conflict!


To begin lets examine all details about ship types; currently we have 4 types of ships at disposal: interceptors, fighters, frigates and destroyers.


Interceptors are the fast ones, small ships with agility flowing through their veins, but just because they are small, dosent mean they are not dangerous. After all, venom is stored in small containers.


There are three interceptor classes: covert ops , ecm and recon.

Covert ops is the damage based assassin ship, made to inflitrate and neutralize high priority targets, such as long range frigates, engineer frigates, important assets such as shield generators, etc. Wide range of damaging abilities are part of their arsenal, such as their signature ability - plasma web. They can also dramaticly increase damage of their main weapon for a short time with orion targeting complex, which in combination with high dps weapon smites even the hardest of targets in mere seconds. Covertops stealth module is adaptive camo. It grants invisibility to radars but not to mere eyesight, so use it with some caution. Cov ops ship can also employ more advanced systems such as jammers or even tactical nuclear weapons, but im leaving you to discover all details, where is the fun in me telling you everything?

Module list: Orion Targeting Complex, Plasma Arc, Reactor Overload, Adaptive Camo, White Noise Jammer

Special missiles/misc: Tactical Nuke




  • Excellent speed and agillity/excellent shielding (federal/jericho interceptors)
  • Excellent weapon and damage capacity
  • Great in dogfights, serious threat to every larer craft



  • Dependant on speed to survive, sudden slow usually means death
  • High risk situations, targets are usually well protected
  • Low survivability


Ecm ships sacrifise their speed and weapon capacity for ability to disrupt systems of any craft; from destroyers to another ecm. Their signature ability, Metastable energy field generator, makes them invuneurable to damage and negative effects for short time and additionatly paralyzing every hostile in its radius, but it also makes you a sitting duck. So use it with care! Their arsenal combines energy stealing, stunning and disabling abilities into one serious package. Ecm can save ally from certain death, serve a kill or prevent a beacon from being captured.

Module list: Ion Diffuser, Stasis Generator, Systems Hack, Energy Absorber, Weapon Systems Inhibitor

Special missiles/misc: Energy-neutralizing missile

Special weapon: Kinetic Supercharger




  • Excellent team support capacity
  • High survivability
  • Adaptability


Cons :

  • Generally slower than other interceptors
  • Abilities require careful timing, not random spamming (if you fail to kill something you stunned you are going to have to run)

Recon ships are somewhat a mix of cov ops and ecm, but with unrivaled mobility. Their microwarp engine can make capturing a beacon or finishing off enemy captain a piece of cake. However, don’t hit anything while going at that speed! Recons also employ largest sensor range out of all craft. That combined with spy drones and micro locators makes them chief battlefield overseers. But they can be outfitted offesivly. Parasitic remodulator will give you edge in every fight, holoships server as perfect distraction and spy drones can be used to hunt tacklers with ease.

Module list: Spy Drones Container, Micro-Locator, Parasitic Remodulator, Phase Modulator, Holoships

Special missiles/misc: Proximity mine, Slowing missiles

Special weapon: Scatter gun




  • Largest mobility in game, can get to any corner of map in seconds
  • Many battlefield roles, from survaillance to combat specialization



  • Ill known for getting to a wrong place in a wrong time, keep your situational awarness up
  • In disadvantage vs other ships due to lack of offensive tools


That finishes interceptor chapter and that means we can move on to the lifeblood of space combat - fighters.



What are fighters? Simple, a perfect combination of interceptor speed and frigate brute power. Fighters are all round craft that can adapt to multiple situations as the battlefield changes.


There are 3 fighter classes: gunships , command fighters and tacklers.

Gunships are testosterone filled beasts that are here to turn anything that is not on their team to scrap metal, and are damn good at it. Their signature module, Overdrive, increases their speed, handling, rate of fire and energy regeneration making them dangerous foe, but keep in mind that overdrive has its active time and cooldown time, so while not in overdrive gunship is less dangerous for. To counter that, gunships have utility modules that either remove negative effects or act as semi pulsar, making them ideal for rush tactics.

But don’t go 110% rambo, you are only useful alive!

Module list: Aiming Overcharge, Engine Overcharge, Particle Purge, Combat Reboot

Special missile/misc: Firestorm





  • Heavy weapons such as singularity cannons combined with extreme rate of fire are nightmare for every large ship, while assault railguns make gunship effective all-round flak platform
  • Unpredictable, due to overdrive boosts



  • Gunships are made as strike craft, as such their survivability is questionable most of the time
  • While overdrive is on cooldown, gunship is an easy pray

Command fighters are perfect for leading taskforces for beacon captures or flanking attacks, as well as standard front line warfare. Their signature module, diffusion shield, makes them extremly tanky, as it generates extra shield (shield uses ship’s energy as power so building max energy and energy regeneration is recommended). Command fighters employ modules such as valkyrie system or gravi scanner that boosts allied (and yours) damage output or speed. They also provide integrity boost for allied ships in form of coating polarizer and aegis system.

Module list: Valkyrie system, Gravi-scanner, Coating Polarizer, Aegis system, Shield havoc

Special missile/misc: Ion-beam warhead missile

Special weapon: Ion emitter




  • Can turn the tide of the battle if timed correctly
  • Extremly tanky with right build
  • Great platform for long range fighter weaponry



  • Not very useful while solo, best used in groups to maximize efficiency
  • Medicore close quarters fighter due to lack of right offensive tools


Finally we reach tacklers. The stalkers, the shadowy predators, silent lurkers of deep space. This ships can strike at anytime given to them, with deadly efficiency. Their main ability grants them invisibility which has a lot of tactical uses but keep in mind that your cloak can and will be broken if given a chance. Tacklers specialize in slowing down foes and reducing their resisstances, making them a must for shooting down fast moving craft of severly weaking heavier targets. Additionaly they can deploy drones that have plenty tactical uses, from creating killzones to giving an edge in a fight.

Module list: Target painter, Sentry drone, Heavy guard drone, Engine supressor, Inhibitor beam

Special missile/misc: Slowing field missiles

Special weapon: Gravi beamer




  • Perfect defense against light ships and great support against bigger ones
  • One among best ship classes to be used in open space



  • Mostly fragile and cloak dependant
  • Requires patience and timing to be used correctly

We are done with fast moving ships, time to move towards big boys. Say big hi to frigates!


Frigates are ships several times larger than fighters and interceptors, with lower speed and handling but larger guns, more shield capacity and harder hulls. Frigates are best used in conjuction with other ships, with most often frigates take the fight head-on, in many brutal ways. This may be space but front line warfare is the frigate trench. They are extremly effective in groups, also known as frigballs but still, never underestimate a lone frigate.


There are 3 frigate classes: long range frigates , engineer frigates and guard frigates.

Long range frigates are just as their name implies - best suited for long range combat. With disintergrator (Empire) or guided torpedoes (Jericho) as their means of combat, they are too dangerous to be ignored. With modules that give their charges increased speed or damage, they can vaporize or severly cripple unaware targets. In addition they are only ship besides destroyers to host more than 4 guns - 6 to be exact. This combined with long range weaponry makes them very effective against single targets.

Module list: IR Pulsar, EM Scattering Field, Weapon Overcharge, Tachyon Charge




  • Extrordinary damage capacity
  • Camouflage and quick escape modules (e.g. Reverse thruster)
  • Great asset in right hands



  • Shield and hull is slightly above that of a fighter, which makes them extremly fragile coupled with their size and slughishness
  • Requires careful positioning, aiming and situational awarness to be used correctly

Engineer frigates are support craft capable of repairing, protecting and providing quick momevent options for their team. Their main ability consists of drones which not only makes them mobile flak stations but also gives them way of quickly restoring shields of nerby allies. Their signature weapon, eclipse launcher, gives them ability to rain heavens on allies and hell on enemies.

Module list: Nanodrone cloud, Mass Shield Generator, Energy emitter, Autonomous repair station, Autonomous charging station, Warp Gate, Static Barrier

Special missiles/misc: Combat drones

Special weapon: Eclipse launcher




  • Can repair anything via repair stations and auras
  • Valeued by community, especially by destroyer pilots



  • Responsibility; take your aim off the kills (although fending off attackers is a must)
  • Favored target

At last, we reached the tanky guard frigates. They might got smaller since destroyers hit the scene but that dosent mean they are less dangerous! In fact, most succesful destroyer hunters are guard frigates. With their main ability, phase shield, they can switch resisstance from one type to another, that coupled with broad shield generator and hull integrity makes them highly adaptable at any combat situation. Additionaly, they employ modules that assisst their allies by reducing enemy speed, shooting down missiles or damaging anything that gets too close. Guards are just what their name says they are.

Module list: Mass prupolsion inhibitor, Signature masking, Pulsar, Missile Shield, Emergency shield boost, Liquid metal injector

Special missile/misc: Anomaly Generator

Special weapon: Destructor



Pros :

  • Pure tanks, can survive a LOT of beating
  • Abilities that can render enemy tactics useless


Cons :

  • Either heavy, large and slow (Jericho) or not enough tanky (Federation)
  • Slow regeneration, dependant on repairs
  • Always dug in front lines; be prepared for everything and anything

This finishes chapter on small (and relativly small) craft. Time to say a few words about ships that can eat through entire fleets; destroyers.


Currently there is only one class of destroyers: suppressor class.

As their name implies, they are here to make enemies either run to nearest cover or be vaporized by arsenal of heavy weaponry. Destroyer main ability is energy router which cycles between damage, speed or shield regeneration boosts (amount depending on the faction). Destroyers also cannot be bought, the, have to be manufactured which makes them very expensive to build and arm.




  • Largest shield and hull integrity currently in game (controlled by players)
  • Long list of heavy guns and damage dealing turrets/modules Terrifying battlefield presence (duck and cover!)



  • Biggest and slowest player controlled craft, making them prime battlefield targets
  • Caution and situational awarness is required to fly them properly, once you get into a sticky situation it is very unlikley you will get out in one piece

Final words


This guide is made from player to fellow players of Star Conflict, not just to learn game basics, but to discover it by themselves (I didn’t mention every nook and cranny, that is for you folks to discover :wink:

If I made a mistake, please let me know, every piece of feedback is welcome.

This is it folks, thank you for reading and see you in space.

Whatch your six, fly straight :012j:

Phantom signing off.


Really good ++


Just one small correction - the gunship overdrive mod increases  energy  (not shield) regeneration.

I’d recommend using some spoilers to organize content by class. As it is, it’s a bit of a wall of text that’s impossible to find any specific class quickly in.

Add recon slow field missiles to their list. Comparing to tackler missiles, those are unguided, have lesser cloud range, less duration but slow is stronger. Extremely usefull in GTFO situations and when you can’t use proxi mines efficiently.

Made some changes to bad grammar and bad info.  :004j:


@VladimirPewtin  Thanks for compliment and for correcting me on gunship overdrive boosts.


@StatueofLiborty Was thinking about that for some time but I realized this guide is made for sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading slowly, so that’s why I chose not to use spoilers.


@RobWasHere Completly forgot about that, thanks for mentioning!