The Scary Story Competition

Attention Pilots! Sometimes life brings us so some surprises and sometimes they are like nightmares!

Yesterday you received a disturbing radiosignal from the commander of an Empire frigate.

We still don’t have any reliable information about happenings on the ship.

Therefore we are requesting your help!

We are still looking for possible witnesses to these terrible events, as well as fearless explorers, who are willing to recover and finish the Chronicle.

Where did the ship jump to and what dangers are in the darkness? What caused the tragic death of the federation ships?

Are there still some people alive on the frigate and if yes, will they find their way back home?

Conditions for the event:

Write a story (Sci-Fi), which will restore the bloody events in sector 1340. Tell us about the fate of the Commander of the frigate, whose voice we heard on the record.

The competition is timed to the mystical Halloween day.

It will last from 23 to 30 October.

On October 31st we will read your stories and decide, which one is the most scaring.

Rules for submitting stories:

Each of you can submit only one story.

The amount of words should not exceed 6000 characters without spaces.

You need to put the story into this topic.


Award for the best story: 6666 Gold Standards.

Prize for the second place: 4666 Gold Standards.

Reward for the third place: 2666 Gold Standards.

Enter your ships and be prepared to face your worst nightmare!


Guess I was wrong after all, ahah!

I might give this a shot seems fun :slight_smile:

Should we post it here also as a .txt file or copy/paste as a reply?

If you want you can post it and add it as text file :slight_smile:

Here is my story, honestly 6000 characters without spaces wasn’t enough(though I did manage it), I wanted to expand on the story in so many ways! But It’d be a multi-chapter Book then.

“The cold metallic husk of the empire’s frigate slowly drifts through the sector known as 1340, low on fuel and oxygen with the crew huddled up in corners as nothing more then frozen corpses. The commander of the ship slowly raises his hand to the control panel, still attempting to defeat the urge to just close his eyes and drift on – He pressed a large dimly lit button on the panel, it makes a clicking sound, with the computer blaring out overhead “Низкая кислорода”. The commander lets out a deep sigh of anguish, not fully comprehending the situation anymore, due to limited oxygen reserves, his breath is shallow and labored as the artificial atmosphere within the ship begins to deteriorate. The button he had pressed snaps back into it’s original position and the Oxygen once again begins to flow into the cabin of the ship, the commander has been limiting his oxygen intake in a desperate attempt to survive as long as possible in this cold wreckage. His labored breathing and lack of oxygen make it hard to accomplish basic tasks, “Устали” slips from his lips as his eyes fight to stay open, his mind begins to wander back to the events that put him into this situation and he slowly begins to comatose, self induced from low oxygen. His vivid memory plays out the events in his mind as his facial muscles react to his unconscious reminiscing. He winces as he recalls the large explosion that initially knocked the ships engines offline, his fingers clutching the seat he lies on, he tries to recall what those blurs of motion were. An electronics lieutenant yells out from the Radar panel he intently watches, as the crew scrambles to make heads or tails of the attack, ”Нет никаких радар Подпись!”. The commander, still trying to get ahold of his crew throws an arm into the air and exclaims “Прекратить! Остановить и слушать!”. A digital holographic information panel hits the floor as the crew shoots their gaze up to the ceiling of the Bridge, a faint metallic scratching sound can be heard throughout the hull of the ship – sweat drips from the brow of the commander as the power fluctuates in and out, causing the life support system to malfunction in a manner of ways, unable to cool the ship properly as they orbit the sun they jumped to, the heat steadily rising on the ship causes the discomfort of the crew as technicians drastically try to get a hold on the situation and then they suddenly hear it, a large ‘pop’ and then a ‘crack’. The security system alarms as Threat Level Red sweeps the crew, warning signs indicating a hull breach on a part of the ship as automatic door locks go into place. Monitor banks flicker on as the commander attempts to start the surveillance system – something is off though, Monitor 004 and Monitor 007 are black with no signal. The commander runs a hand up to his head to hold his temples and run it through his hair, ‘the situation is bleak’ he thinks to himself. Swiftly he rises his hand to point towards the door leading to the Deck Elevator, “Перейти, выяснить, что произошло!” he shouts, in a displeased manner. A tactical squad rushes up to the door, smacks the Door lock/unlock button and exits the bridge, weapons in hand. The commander watches on the bank of monitors as the squad exits the elevator and rushes down the hallway to the engine room, Monitor 006 displaying their progress, they get up to the door leading to the reported hull breach – waiting for the commanders signal they line up outside the door with one ready to open it, the commander shouts the order: “Готово!” and the serviceman slams down on the door unlock button to the horror of the crew on the bridge, hearing the screams of the squad as they get sucked into the room where the Hull Breach has occurred – the ships warning systems scream, locking and shutting all doors in an emergency response to the situation, there is a crack on the exterior of the ship that has rendered the majority of the ships internal network un-usable. The commander is awed in horror as he watches bits and pieces of his servicemen slowly float outside of the ship, making their way round to the Display port where the bridge is located. The commander hangs his head in shame, knowing he just sent those men to their deaths - he tries to get a hold of himself so as to not distress the crew unnecessarily. “Заблокируйте корабль” he slowly speaks his wishes upon the crew and they begin to follow through, still stunned by the events that had just occurred. The commander thinks to himself, ‘what is this, what is going on?’ He didn’t have time to finish his thought when a flash of movement ripped one of the serviceman’s bodies from the view of the display port. He rushed to the viewing portal, gazed through, desperately scanning his field of vision for whatever that flash of movement was, his hands and face pressing against the magnetically controlled and shielded Plasma window. Metallic sounds, still echoing throughout the ships hull, were drown out into the background as the crew moved from panel to panel, shouting algorithms and sequences attempting to solidify the ships systems and control the situation. A spark of an idea came to the commander and he rushed to the bank of monitors, flipping a green switch located near his seat, the bank of monitors flicker, resetting to external surveillance – the commander intently watching for any signs of life. ‘Nothing?’ he thought to himself accidently uttering aloud: “Как это может быть?”. A crew member rushes to his side, exclaiming that there is something strange occurring in the cooling ducts, the fans will no longer move air throughout the system; The commander sighs, knowing he is about to send more men off to their doom. They had their heads on a swivel looking for the source of the chaos, the commander was sick of playing games and made haste to the nearest vent – grabbing a hold of its mechanism and working it until the vent had laid open. He stuck his head through in a rough attempt to check the cooling ducks when Glistening Eyes struck him from the darkness – Surprised, he stumbled and fell as the sounds of scratching claws scrambling towards the opening, hitting the ground with a ‘thunk’ he desperately tried to get to his feet and close the vent, but it was too late, whatever he had seen was already in the Bridge, attacking his crewmates in an instant – he could hear the screams but he could not see the chaos, his vision was blurred for some unnatural reason – he scattered and attempted to hide, by the time he got into what he felt was a safe position the chaos had subsided and his vision began to clear. “Кровь” he softly spoke as he slowly opened his eyes after rubbing them. Blood had been smeared on the walls and up into the very vent he had opened, blood of the crewmen who futilely attempted to escape lay pooling on the ground, only 7 of the 9 crewman’s bodies could be seen. “Что это Страх?” he said to himself. A high pitched warning sound began, waking the commander from his labored reminiscing. “Входящие передачи” screams the computer…The commanders eyes shot open as he hastily reached for the control panel mashing down on the ‘accept transmission’ button. “Мои координаты являются…” spoke the commander, as eyes lit up behind him.”

For all the russian I had translated words within the story but I had to remove them to reduce the word count and finish the story.

In order from first to last in the story:

(“Oxygen Low”).


(“There’s no radar signature!”).

(“Cease! Stop and Listen!”).

(“Go, Find out what happened!”)


(“Lock the ship down”)

(“How can this be”)


(“What is this Dread?”)

(“Incoming Transmission”)

(“My coordinates are…”)

[SCShortStory.rtf](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4235)

WoW a big text :slight_smile: So I think I got something to read tomorrow on my way to university.

WoW a big text :slight_smile: So I think I got something to read tomorrow on my way to university.

Hehe I hope you enjoy it.

We have our first unofficial story about Star Conflict! :smiley:

I really wanted to expand on it more, I feel I could have added a lot more detail and made the ending much better - but then it would be a book! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the character count on it is exactly 5988 without spaces. :smiley:

Perhaps we can see if we can go on with this after the event, but I cant give any promise for that at the moment.

Perhaps we can see if we can go on with this after the event, but I cant give any promise for that at the moment.

Heh I just came to edit the post but see you replied, I meant unofficial story! Hehe, didn’t mean that I won. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys I’m new to this game, so don’t expect much. Also, my writing skills SUCK, but here’s the best I can do.

Commander Jones sat happily at the cockpit of a now-invisible frigate. The ship belonged to the invincible Empire, glorious and had a tremendous army at its will. Nearby galaxies feared this great nation, and were quick to realize that they were overpowered by the sheer force of the Empire’s military. Now, at the orders of the Empire, Shargon Kassok, the high and mighty ruler, received an urgent message of nearby bandits roaming the dark stars, and failed to know whether they could be a threat. Having chosen his loyal commander Jones, he now is in search of these terrible bandits, bringing them to justice and heeding the advice of the Empire.

Jones, however, now free from the stress of the Empire and now engulfed by the blackness of space, was relaxing on his chair. Actually, his form of relaxing was a bit different then what you would expect. He liked to:

  1. Watch TV .

  2. Lift 90 pound-dumbbells, with one hand.

  3. The other hand, however, was holding a bag of Pringles.

  4. His hairy feet was perched up onto the control panel, and one inch to the right was a self-destruct button. However, Jones never paid attention to the warnings of his crew.

This may not be your type of relaxing, but it was for Jones. He sat there, scratching his salty hand on his thigh, and was distracted by a green blip on the radar. Thinking that this was nothing but a computer malfunction, he kept on munching away. Suddenly, a large jolt shook the ship, and Jones was thrown on the floor, his Pringles scattering among the floor and the dumbbells smashing into the wall, leaving a dent. Jones winced as he looked out the window, and was shocked by what he saw.

Multiple ships swarmed the frigates, each bore the menacing-looking crossbones. Sighing, Commander Jones said “I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way then…” But as he strode to the intercom, climbing the now-smoking stairs, another jolt shook the ship, and sparks flew from the ceiling. Scrambling to his feet, holding onto the rail for balance, he managed to catch a glimpse outside.

Ships the size of houses flew past the frigate, leaving behind a white-hot trail of smoke and heat. Their ship frame was bright orange, and had 3 lightning-fast railguns on each ship. Exasperated, he found out on his radar that there were about 12 ships, more or less. Yells and shouts came from the other end of the ship, and crewman ran past him to man their stations. What Jones thought of the damage, was nothing compared to now. He gaped in horror as he moved down to the engine room, black smoke filling the hallway. Sparks flew from the walls and the ground, and cut wires dangled dangerously from the ceiling. Explosions rocked the ship, and the commander instantly flew into action.

Holding the radio in one hand, he yelled “MAN YOUR STATIONS! We got about a dozen pirate attack ships, coordinates 60-42-NW heading on our 10. Commence fire NOW!” Without wasting a second to think, he jumped off the platform just in time as a missile slammed into the ship, killing several men and injuring others. The screams of his crew rang in his ear, and he cringed as he fired the main cannons. His cannons spewed out rounds and rounds of red blasts, obliterating 3 ships and severely damaging 4 others. However, this only increased the fury of the bandits, as they moved closer in to the frigate.

He heard a clanking noise behind him, and the vent that was just closed a moment ago sprang open, and bandits poured in, each holding a AZ-314 blaster rifle. Commander Jones’ vision blurred, and time seemed to slow. He could hear the faint noises of his crew screaming, bodies falling all around him, the blood that splattered the grey floor. Reaching into his intercom, he managed to press the ‘Distress Call’ button. Jones could only hope that they could come in time, but his hopes were dashed among the broken debris as he looked up, straight into the barrel of a rifle.

Jones awoke, cuts and bruises covering his body. His shirt and pants were torn, his uniform ripped apart and scattered on the floor. Looking around him, still dazed from the commotion, and saw 2 other crew members in the same state as him, their names were Josh and Richard. Struggling to move his arms, he realized that he was chained to the wall, unable to move. He yelled hoarsely for help, but then hung his head in dismay. “Calm down, laddie. There’s no hope for us here, yet.” said Richard. Commander Jones chuckled and replied “Yeah, but what hope do we have? We’re stuck on the side of the frigate, no way to move, don’t know where the rest of our crew is, an-” Jones cut short when he saw Josh and Richard with tears dropping out of their eyes. “…Jones…every crew member is dead except for us. Why did the Empire have to send us on our way here?” Josh sobbed. But his sentence was interrupted by creaking sound that came from the direction of the door. Before anyone could react, a bear jumped out of the door, and ran towards Richard, raking its claws all over his body. Richard screamed, but the bear kept clawing, scratching and eventually ripped off his head. Josh and Jones gaped in horror as the bear tugged the remains of Richard’s body through the door, leaving bones, a head split in half, smearing blood over the floor.

Jones hung there, paralyzed, unable to realize what just happened a few seconds ago. Richard, his second-in-command, was just mauled by a vicious bear, and his pride was stained on the floor, among with his blood. Jones and Josh sobbed for hours, and could not forget their grief for Richard. Regaining his strength, the door creaked open once again, this time, 2 men stepped right in. One was ugly and fat, and waddled along with the second man, who was lean and thin. Both men gazed at the floor, and seemed satisfied with their work. Anger and hatred ran through both of the prisoners, and they managed to have one brief glance at each other, before breaking off their chains and sprinting towards the two men. Realizing what was at stake, the two men slipped and fell on the floor, in attempt to reach the door. Jones circled around the fat man, who managed to pull out a pistol. Josh could only watch with horror as his friend got shot.

Jones felt a blinding pain in his hip, and just managed to register that he was shot. Knowing that this would be the end of his life, he reached for his radio, and managed one word…“Help.” Then, his arm went slack, his eyes rolled up to his head, and could not hear the shouts of his friend, grieving for his death.

A bear in space really… I F&*^%^ING LOVE IT!

Lol…sorry I tried to preserve the animals of Earth… :005j:

Heh I just came to edit the post but see you replied, I meant unofficial story! Hehe, didn’t mean that I won. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? You did great! You probably did.

This is my first story, hope it’s not boring.


Log entry 1740 – Just five days earlier:

Two days has passed since we first received a strange signal on a communication frequency not used by any faction ships. Our initial assessment was that it may have been an odd anomaly, but nothing more.

The communications officer spoke in hushed tones about how it sounded like people screaming in pain and terror, but mixed in with heavy static, it was too hard to tell for sure.

At the same time, ship’s sensors picked up at its outer limit of what appears to be another ship, but it appeared transparent?? How is that possible? Nobody has the technology to project holograms of entire ships, much less use it on some kind of a hoax.

The captain ordered a pursuit course, but the mysterious apparition traveled faster than our frigate and then it eventually disappeared off our scanner.

A thorough diagnosis of the sensors showed no problems with the sensor systems.

It was as though that other ship was there yet at the same time, it wasn’t.

Was it solid or not?

We can’t tell for sure.

Rumors of a ghost ship started and this whole episode put the entire crew on edge.

We decided to make for the docks at Kvinta-26 to re-supply.

Log entry 1741.

Nothing prepared us for what happened at Kvinta-26.

As standard procedure, we hailed the control tower for automated landing but nobody responded.

There was no response on any of the communication frequencies, so we made for a manual landing.

We disembarked from our frigate and made our way first to the decontamination chamber.

Nobody was there to greet us, and we noticed what appears to be blood all over the walls and floor.

No bodies, just blood everywhere.

Some of the crew wanted to leave immediately, but then the communication officer picked up what sounded like a child crying on an emergency signal. The captain made a command decision to explore Kvinta-26, obtain the much needed supplies and look for survivors.

Our security officer armed the away team with weapons, and we started to make our way further inside the Kvinta-26 complex.

After passing through the decontamination chamber, we arrived at the lobby.

The lights were flickering off and on, blood was everywhere…

…. then the lights went off.

We hear something crash, then a thud on the ground.

A growling noise.

Someone screams, “Something’s inside with us!”

Some of the away team panic and starts firing their weapons, the rest dive to the ground.

Hot plasma and laser beams cut through the air- slicing, severing, and incinerating anything in their path.

The air turns acrid from the weapons fire, it chokes us.

“Cease fire, cease fire!”

The team leader pops a flare, and two of our own lay dead on the ground.

“What the hell just happened?” says First Officer McKay.

“We don’t know, sir” replied one of the young yeomen.

We examine the two dead and they died by our own weapons fire.

McKay goes nuts.

“You mean to tell me that we just killed two of our own crew, and we hit nothing else?”

Dead silence.

“Body bag those two, and the rest come with me. We’re going to find out what’s happening around here!”

“McNeil, take some of the away team members and search for supplies and any survivors that you may find.”

“The rest of us will make for the Central Ops and look for information for what happened here.”

McKay takes his team and makes their way deeper toward the Central Operations Center of the Kvinta-26 complex.

The lights continue to flicker.

One of the engineers with us examines the entry door for the Central Operations Center- “Sir, we’re going have to break through the encryption on the security system to gain entry, it’s going to take us about… wait , what was that? I thought I saw something from the corner of my eye.”

We hear a scuttling noise, like something just rushed by in the darkness.

We aim our flashlights and look around.

We see nothing.

Our radio cracks to life- “…zzzz…this is McNeil team, we’re still looking for survivors… nothing so far…”

“Roger that,” replied McKay.

“…ARRRGGHHH!” Someone screams on the radio.

We hear automatic weapons fire in the background.

“Emperor, save us!”

Then only static from the radio.

Any sense of false bravado on McKay’s part disappeared at this point, and he bellows, “Everybody back to the ship, we’re getting off this rock. Ain’t nothing is worth all this!”

We see a … shadow? Something insubstantial appears in our midst then vanishes.

Nobody wastes a second pondering, we all hustle back to the ship.

“McKay, where’s the rest of the away team?”

The captain wants to know where the rest of the crew is.

“Sorry captain, but the rest are all dead. No other survivors out there, we got to get out of here.”

“Something out there was killing us, picking us off. Nothing is worth any of this.”

The captain gets angry, “Very well, but we’re going to return in the future and get some answers.”

Our frigate departs Kvinta-26, and makes our way through sector 1340.

Log entry 1743.

Something is onboard the ship with us, and it’s terrifying the crew.

We hear growling noises but nobody sees anything.

Did it come onboard with us when we landed on Kvinta-26? It must have.

Some of the crew report seeing hallucinations and hearing voices. Inhuman voices.

Others report seeing shadows in the corner of their eye, but when they turn around, it vanishes and then it’s gone.

I fear that we are all losing our minds.

Log entry 1745 [see http://star-conflict…ews/62/current/ for this entry].

Log entry 1746.

We came upon another iridium field in sector 1341, this time, it was Legion ships all crumbled together.

Sensors picked up the same anomaly as before from several days ago- what appears to be a strange ship on the outer edge of our sensors, but it seems transparent.

Then it vanishes again.

First Officer McKay turns to the captain and says, “Sir, we have to assume that whatever that ship is, it must have or most likely has, caused all this destruction to those ships.”

The captain turns, “Perhaps. But we’re not sticking around to find out. Lay in a course for our nearest base. We’re getting out of here. Once we get there, they’re going to have to put us into quarantine. Something seems to have come onboard with us ever since Kvinta-26, and we can’t risk it spreading- whatever it is.”

Our frigate makes its way to the nearest starbase .

The End.

[StarConflict-VoiceOfADistantStars.pdf](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4280)

Great story! Cute goats :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who participated. Now it’s time to judge.

1st Place: stargoat

2nd Place: tenshou

3rd Place: Demolisherx

Thanks for participating and enjoy your prieces.