The return of “Papa Crab”!



The ship  “Papa Crab” will be available from March 24, 05:00 GMT until April 30, 20:55 GMT. The rest of the time the ship is blocked and using it is impossible!  


We plan to slightly enhance the ship in the nearest update. The packs “Star Conflict: Papa Crab. Deluxe edition” and “Star Conflict: Papa Crab” will be available from March 31. Stay tuned to our news! 




The owners of the ship Brokk are now delivering pizza to fringe sectors. Professor Lesorticz from the laboratory TG19 of the Ellydium Corporation suggests that this has got something to do with crystallids, continuing their experiments with viral Bione technologies. The infection does not just change the appearance of the ship, but also the behaviour of pilots! We urge you not to be afraid if a pizza or pasta suddenly arrives in battle.

PS The pizza’s very good, you should try it. 


This year some types of missiles and drones were also infected! Employees from the laboratory TG19 of the corporation “Ellydium” are currently carefully investigating the problem. And they’re asking for more!


Rocket “Pizza”




Special delivery from Papa Crab! Reduces the speed of movement of enemy ships. After the collision, it remains, as a bonus, regenerating the hull and boosting the parameters of the ship.


“Pizza” delivery drone

Special delivery from Papa Crab! Delivers pizza to an ally, restoring the hull of the ship. After that, protects an ally.