The Return of Destroyer Tyrant



Cryptogram 36H-13.F

To: Top secret! Only for executivewith AAA access

Копия: Kwai Wong. Status: Guardian

Subject: Unexpected guests


As you know, not so long ago the so-called ‘Guests’ came from the Metropolis.  Simultaneously, an AI has invaded our contract support system from our inner worlds. This network calls itself the ‘Sentinel’ and, judging by the electronic signature, it comes from the AI managing complexes of Techs.


Data sent to us by the Sentinel requires additional verification and we are not yet ready to share it with representatives of other factions. However, there are indirect confirmations that the Sentinels act independently, without a group of human operators. Details are still unknown to us.


Sentinels plan to actively cooperate with the UMC, using the services of the Broker. As a reward, they are ready to supply a huge number of destroyer components for the rank 14 Tyrant. I think it is in the interests of our Family not to hinder the evolving situation and to continue studying the behavior of the Sentinels. The decision, of course, is up to the Guardian.


Let Bartl be with us! Special Agent SV007 of Mendes family Security Service, Jericho


Cryptogram BBIМ44-208547


Subject: Urgent: Project ‘Tyrant’


Urgent alert for all pilots engaged in combat operations! UMC leadership considers the likelihood of an attack from our ‘friends’ as extremely high. Agents report that in the very near future they will switch from words to deeds, therefore, we urgently need to strengthen the fleets of destroyers with the rank 14 ‘Tyrant’ project. The representatives of the Mendes Family contacted us and confirmed their readiness to supply additional materials in order to prepare for the threat. The ship’s unique special module and its active modules and modifiers will also be shipped. The time window for production of the destroyer is limited!


UMC Administration




With this update the rank 14 Jericho destroyer becomes available to all pilots once again. We remind you that destroyers are a new class of fire support ships with significant fire power that can use additional energy shields and special weapons.

All new destroyers are of the Suppressor class.

   Rank 14 destroyers have 9 modification slots.

   To build 14 destroyers you need a special ingredient — Electrum.

       Electrum can be obtained in special container bundles.

       Electrum can be obtained as a reward during post-battle trophy search.

   You also need a unique component — Jericho destroyer activators

       Jericho destroyer control unit can be obtained as a reward for completing UMC tasks.


Jericho Destroyer Tyrant



Class: Suppressor Class Destroyer

Allegiance: Jericho

Rank: 14


The first Jericho destroyer, Tyrant was created in XLII century, shortly before the third Bartle sector war. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles, as a counterweight to the imperial Invincible. The powerful Tyrant was used in conjunction with low-tonnage vessels during raids on undefended colonies deep in the rear of the former ‘Direktorium’. Despite the age of the destroyer, most of its parameters are up to modern standards, and in some ways even surpass them.


Features of rank 14 Jericho destroyers

   Accumulates 5% free synergy

   Hull strength 81 000 points

   Shield volume 48 000 points

   Energy reserve 3 600 points

   Faster shield recovery (+90 units per second) than destroyers of other factions

   Reduced energy costs for activation of ‘Static field’ compared to other factions

   Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level

       Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to kinetic damage

       Upon reaching level 4: choose one of three during assembly

       Upon reaching level 8: choose one of three during assembly


Special module: Warp-reflector

Accumulates charge when receiving damage. When activated, the charge dels significant damage to enemies within 3 250 m. Not more than 1 target can receive damage from one activation. Damage depends on target size. The bigger the target, the more damage it receives. At the same time the destroyer’s shield is partially restored.


Weapons: Thermoactive weapon



Unique weapon available only to Tyrant destroyer. Inflicts kinetic damage and increases the chance of critical damage as the weapon heats up. The closer the gun to overheating — the higher the chance of critical damage.


Active module: Isotope Harvester



Unique module available only for Tyrant ship. A special drone generates a field with 500 m. radius. The drone begins to approach the destroyer at a given rate, dealing damage to all enemies who get in the field. The damage is greater against the enemies closer to the drone. Upon arrival to the ship the drone recovers shields proportionally to the damage caused.


Shield modifier: Warp-stream detector

A special modifier. Mounted only on the Tyrant.

When an enemy dies in a radius of 2000 meters, the destroyer’s shields are partially restored.


New Broker missions



UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker offers new tasks for all pilots. His employers are interested in the speedy strengthening of rank 14 destroyers.

  Every day, new tasks from the Broker will be added.

  Tasks will be available from 10.08 to 23.08 inclusive.

  As a reward you will get valuable resource Electrum required to build rank 14 destroyers.

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