The Regular Mode

Greetings Pilots!


Having trouble paying the hangar crew for repairing your ship?

Does it takes you ages to advance to the next tech tier because of
a rather low income?


There is help: the first gamemode which existed back in CBT. It is called


Capture the Beacons



The rules are simple:


Each team has three Beacons to defend. The opponent will try to capture your beacons.

The team wins which either captures the most / all beacons or terminate the enemy’s team.

That’s right - terminate. There is no respawn in the same ship. Each of your

ships has one life - if you die you will not be able to respawn in that ship again. This however

will keep your repair costs low.


Looking forward to see you in fight!


Nice presentation.

i have a question because i dont play regular yet so often: do u get more credits in this game mode? And if u play till termination, arent the repair costs not higher than in arcade?. In arcade its often possible to stay alive until the game ends (Domination).

you gain nearly the same amount of credits as in arcade


though you can’t achive as many assist / captures / kills as in arcade the repair costs will be lower since every ship can be only destroyed one time

after you get destroyed your ship is unable to be used again in this fight so the repair costs doesn’t stack


the termination of the entire enemy team is just one way to win

if you fly good enough you can achieve victory without any need to destroy enemy ships