The Refit - Manufacture option will refit the ship even if you use the same setup layout

Bug report: Refit option issue -  Manufacture option - 100% identical ship build can be refitted indefinitely, losing Credits



What happened?

The Manufacture option for unique and customizable ships, like Secret Projects, isn’t disabled when you select exactly the same customization setup for your current ship as it used to be before.


What should have happened?

The Manufacture option should not be available if you ship customization’s setup is completely identical.

The Refit - Manufacture option that asks you to craft the ship should be unavailable in such cases - greyed out.

Another logical option is that the build is different than the previous one, which completely justifies the refit cost of the selected ship.


Screenshot: You can spend 6000000 Credits until you run out money, even if you’re using the same ship builds. This should not be allowed, unless if the build is different.