The Prophet. The calm.



Once again, through the exhausting universal silence, I have to reluctantly reveal the details of the plan. Fragments, fragments — some are gone, others have come, eternal vanity and uncertainty under the shell of fame.

Oh yes, I should introduce myself. Although, I suspect, I am beginning to be recognized. But I’m still not sure if anyone hears me.


I am Larry Seldon. With this short message, I want to clarify the current events.


As predicted, universal silence has come. Following the Ellidium, each faction has closed itself off from the outside world, and is preparing for something. Ordinary pilots wander through space in obscurity. What should an ordinary pilot do within the well-known environment of general preparation for war?

What to do… This question is mentioned in psychohistory and always follows the familiar scenario — stick to the plan. And the plan is as simple as possible — build up the power. Fortunately, your mercenary center has not forgotten about it.


What were the aliens looking for? Something very powerful, something was generating the signal itself… Yes, I already said that.


When to expect the first shot? Revealing all details of the plan would put it at risk. Therefore, you should be prepared. As psychohistory predicts, no one wants to break traditions and celebrations. At the same time, no one will stop building up their powers as well.

I recommend that you stick to the same scenario. There should be no deviations from the plan.


I hope I don’t have to get in touch again.

SO, if the prophet asked us to grind, we will grind  ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)  but, not too much, as usual, not more than 30 mins a day of grind. History tells us grinding gives you ships like Raven - quite useless ‘power’. Maybe rank 17 fighters and frigates for GS would stimulate grinding more. And, please, ask the engineers to finally create a really Open Space rank 17 ship. Something created exactly for Open Space, with gigantic multiple jumps, excellent 17 km range scanner, faster container pick-up time, and some fascinating tech like X-ray vision, forever invisibility, 8 km range auto-aim guns, radk non-shiny skin, and so on. This baby would be worth grinding a lot. You can make this ship for the COsmonautics Day on the 12th of April, or the end of May right when nobody plays because everybody is picnicking outside; there is time.
This new destroyer of rank 17 is not really worth grinding too much through winter holidays. and wasting time of the holidays to build a ship. So, make the ship exceptional, but, alas, there is no time, and the dessie is going to be the only so-so motivation. As usual, the rewards in the game are so stingy, and those rewards do not really motivate to spend more time in the game. And, when you organize lotteries with prizes, it’s only for 3 people, not even ONE thousand pilots. This is not motivating. Spread rewards evenly and for a much bigger amount of players. When I know that only 3 players in the game will get the prize, I do not even lift my finger, but if you gave 500 or 1000 Monos - I would start moving.