The price of betrayal. Part two.


Lieutenant Ramirez gently stroked the melted walls of the eastern corridor. “This is my ship now, too, — he thought. — How unexpected and strange”. Ramirez rubbed an old scar that cut through his left eyebrow out of habit. His eye twitched slightly. This scar was left for him as a parting gift by an old story that happened on a remote and forgotten planetoid in the SY3176-GIII-A4 system. This operation greatly changed his life.


That time he was in the second wave of the troops. The “Huron” group had already turned off the protective perimeter above the ancient base, and the landing bots safely reached the planetoid’s surface. But getting to the surface was only half the battle. Former inhabitants turned the remains of the city into a deadly labyrinth of traps. It was there that, pushing under the fire of automatic turrets, he was seriously wounded.


The orbital support dreadnought’s automatic medcapsules saved his life. And the “Olympus” doctors restored his eye and mobility of the paralyzed body. It cost a whole heap of galactic standards. But almost all medical bills were paid by an anonymous source. Ramirez suspected that this was the Huron group and its employers who returned the favour. However, he never saw them again.


Almost immediately after his escape from the strong grip of the medical staff, he wrote through the web that he was leaving the group. His skills, experience and training allowed him to join a condensed military course at “Pilgrim-11", where Ramirez was chosen to serve on the latest dreadnought of the Ellydium Corporation. 

And now, by the will of fate, he is here, among the damaged insides of a giant man-made space whale. For a short time, he became the most important person on board. Captain Red Bacon left him as a senior and sole officer, sending the majority of the crew to leave for the merry bases of the Landao raider range.


— Pshh… Lieutenant Ramirez? An urgent call from the captain, — the intercom suddenly came to life.
— Ramirez speaking.
— …calmly and everyone will stay alive, — said a muffled voice. — Captain, do not make any sudden movements, and everything will be fine, — continued the strange voice.


The stranger spoke with a slight southern accent. Looks like he came from central imperial sectors. Perhaps even born on the legendary Earth. The lieutenant felt his old analytical skills, for which he was particularly appreciated in the “Huron” group, waking up.
“I trusted you…” — the captain’s voice was hoarse and sore. But commander was alive, and it was encouraging. — I thought you were a friend.
— There are powers, old Red, before whom even old friendship is useless. When they tell you to do something — you do it. However, it’s not up to me to explain common truths to you.
— Were you even paid for us? “Ellydium” will give three times more.
— I was promised my life. And you too, by the way. If everything goes as it should.
— And you believe them?
— Of course not!
Then came the shots, female screams, shouts and groans. Communication abruptly broke off.
Here is the cabin. Should only have a skeleton crew on shift. Almost everyone got a leave today.
— Landao’s invitation is a trap! — said Ramirez, taking the captain’s place. — I need full access. What do we have left online? 
— The main caliber and turrets. But there are practically no shields. If they attack, we will quickly lose the last working towers… — Lieutenant! Detecting numerous live portals at three o’clock.
— Damn it! It’s happening!
— Have you sent the signal to “Ellydium”?
— Comms are offline. We’re being jammed on all channels!
— Do something.
— Comms are live on the operational frequency of fighter ships. It’s often listened to by mercenaries. Diverting all power to the channel.
— Can anyone hear me? This is Lieutenant Ramirez, the “Defiant” dreadnought. Requesting assistance! The captain and officers have been captured. The ship is damaged. We are under attack…

Yayyyyyyyyyy dreadnought defense mission

… And still waiting for that update…   ![:(:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/(.png “:(:”) Man, I hope it’ll be live soon, so much suspense is killing me !

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… And still waiting for that update…   ![:(:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/(.png “:(:”) Man, I hope it’ll be live soon, so much suspense is killing me !


Soon TM ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Yext year lmao

I’ve always thought that pilots are printed out before the original pilot goes to battle. I mean, every time I go to battle in PVP, my body and ship are printed. When I die, my mind gets teleported back to base. Or My mind has a backup on the base. This fetish wioth original bodies and natural wooden panels in ships is not consistent with the game in the game client. There is alos no consistency in he game itself. There is no system. This game needs a better storyline. Some stryline. For the moment, it is just 'print ship, shoot Aliens,  kill ships, don’t ask questions about what it is about.
And, yeah, I’ve read the game story in StarCOnflictWiki. There is just history.
I cannot understand where we are now, in what of the millenia, or what year. The developers try to show some elements of the storyline using Facebook and this Forum, but I cannot graspv the idea.
As far as I remember, the humanity left the Earth, became 3 races, found the Aliens, discovered the Signal, and then the 3 races fought, and mostly all of them get killed by the Aliens and each other. The Empire is almost dead and trying to regain control, the Federation looks a bit better, and the Jericho cyborgs have almost died out. 
And now we have the giant ancient UFO in the distant corner of the colonized space, and Doctor Durov Dimeni is mixing people with the Aliens to create a new race, right?
It’s been almost a year since our capital Dreadnoughts attacked the huge green Alien Bioms. THE UFO is just sitting there on a distant planet and there has been no news. The giant blue manta rays are browsing the skies on the gravty-less planet. All this is not working. The decorations are not working as great as they could. Put your soul there, breathe in some meaning in it, please.

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All this is not working. The decorations are not working as great as they could. Put your soul there, breathe in some meaning in it, please.


I treat everything in the game story-wise more like an impression, not a real thing. It spares the headache. And I think it is created as such - as broad strokes upon which something more consistent can gradually be born. Eventually.


I often wonder how many people are actually working on this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no dedicated story-person and all the ideas are made on the fly by programmers etc.