The price of betrayal. Part three


—  The stars are like cold toys, —  Summer folded her arms across her chest, looking into the depths of the black abyss of space. The abyss looked back at her. — From a distance, they are so attractive and desirable. It seems that every star is a mystery. We just have to reach them, and we can learn all the secrets. And open all the doors. But having reached the stars, we learned that the mystery is not in them, but in us, Marcus!


Marcus was reclining on a luxurious couch in Summer’s private cabin aboard her famous sinister black Dreadnought. So many legends surrounded this ship. Few people saw it with their own eyes. Even fewer happened to step inside it. Only the chosen few were granted the right to see the Lady up close. And none of them had ever told the details of the audiences.


Everyone knew that Summer adored huge panoramic windows. In her private quarters, such a window filled the entire outer wall. It seemed that the Universe looked into the soul of everyone who dared to enter this huge and almost empty hall. A pair of chairs. A luxurious sofa. A small table for drinks. And the immense world beyond the thick armoured glass.


— Eternal twilight of time, on the one hand, great dawn on the other — Marcus smiled and drank from his glass. — So what are we looking for, Summer?
“Answers, Marcus, answers,” she turned to him. Her eyes were filled with power. But Marcus was able to resist it since time immemorial. And over time, this skill has only grown. — You have not been able to find out the details of what happened to the “Defiant” in its first and only flight.
— I am not omnipotent. Even my friend Conrad does not want to talk about this. And nobody wants to let me board the “Ellydium” dreadnought.
— My sources report that the ship encountered a new enemy. They call it the Devourer.
— Yes, I also heard this tale. But I’m not inclined to believe every story floating around the bars at “Ellydium Theta” and “Pilgrim-11”. They say this is a creature of incredible size and power.
— I know that “Ellydium” is preparing a new expedition. And you should learn as much as possible about this new crystallid beast.


Summer turned away again. It seemed that she was striving to become one with infinite space-time. Or maybe she was united with it for a long time, and felt cramped in her human shell? Marcus smirked. No. Summer’s figure is gorgeous. Her eyes are bottomless, and the voice is gentle, low, sensual. Her body is perfect. Many years ago, the best plastic surgeons from all over the inhabited worlds of mankind worked on it.


—  You look good, Marcus. —  Conrad spared on expense on plastics for you — she seemed to be reading his mind. — I heard that the repair of your “facade” cost a tidy sum.
— It was quite painful. Not the operations, but my stay in the dungeons of “Ellydium” security.
— I tried to compensate for your troubles, — her smile drove him crazy. — I hope you were pleased?
— The pain endured for the sake of an idea is a flower. The pain suffered because of love is a ray of sunshine.


Over the past years, he has learned to control his pain receptors well. It is not difficult if you know special exercises and practices. Fortunately, he had all the resources of the Family at his disposal and the personal help of the hierarchs. Hatred herself taught him some lessons.


—  I will help you, —  suddenly she was at the table. The speed of her reaction is beyond comprehension. Her movements are like a dance of death. — There is a certain someone who owes us. He’s building a decent career in the “Ellydium” space fleet. Here is his picture. 


She gently dropped a few tablets on the table. He took the top one.


— Cute. Despite the scar. Is he one of those? You know, I am an adherent of old traditions.
— Is this going to be a problem?


Marcus shrugged and threw the tablet back onto the table. Summer sat next to him on the sofa. 


—  I think I can solve all your problems, Marcus, —  she smiled at him again and put her thin fingers to his lips. — You know that there are no walls that I could not destroy on our way.

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I smell things just got steamy between Summer and Marcus