The picket items in open space don't appear in the warehouse.

Just this. I pick items in the open space, but when i going to use it don’t be in the warehouse. For example: Red cristals for make pieces i pick but don’t up the number of it in the warehouse when i go to use it for make parts of the cruser. The same for all the other things.
This happen a lot of time a go. I been waiting thinking is an aislate bug. But don’t change and allways happen.

Translation: “I picked up some crystal shards so that I could use them to craft, but when I sent them to the warehouse they were not there. This happened to everything else I picked up too. Help maybe?”

Honestly I’m not sure what’s the problem. I’d suggest logging in with the dedicated launcher (download it from ) and see if they are there then.

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

I understood what he said initially.   The translation was great though from… what language is that exactly, Pirate?  Offworlder?  Fringe? 




Hes expecting the Shards to be part of the Items in the Warehouse count.  

Only assembled items count against the number of warehouse slots owned.

So hes looking before and after a sortie at the warehouse and thinking the shards are not in his warehouse.



total_slots / slots_used l = 100/50  (his warehouse is half full)


He undocks and picks up a full loot of Shards.   (assuming 3, tiny ship)

He redocks and looks again at slots/full and it still says 100/50.   

He expecting to see 100/503 not 100/50 still.


The shards are present but not on Warehouse Shelves.  

If he were to go into WORKSHOP and convert the shards into an actual Item, he would see how many he has.



 Okay, DarkRedFox… now translate what I said back to him…lol

on a side note…some items are not ever stored.   They are cashed out for credits at the time of redock.

Gold Nuggets for example … convert to cash and are never present in the warehouse after redock.

“Red Shards” are i believe are Nickel Ore.    Sold off.  Not stored.


I would love to see a convert function for those Gold Nuggets actually.  

Say something along the lines of 100 Gold Nuggets then Workshop’d and converted into 1GP instead of being sold for credits at redock.

Or even be used to build CPUs… since everyone knows that gold is used in circuit traces for the best electronic transfers to and from components.


Never understood why one of the most valued elements in the world is sold off at redock for a few credits.