The other side of here.

Chapter 1,Act 1:The initiation


Our story begins at the hangar of the station Guardian-17,Jason,a 21 year old male,was preparing to take off into Open Space with his Jarl,for his daily patrol routine,while he was checking the ship systems to make sure everything was fine for the take-off,Natasha Cortes,the Imperial Security Service Legate,was slowly walking towards Jarl’s dock,holding a small black box,she got close to him and she spoke:

Natasha:-Ahem,I got something for you.

Jason:-Huh?!,f-for me?

Natasha:-Yes,the UMC and the Blackwood scientists have made two implants and told me to give them to you,I hope you dont have any other plans today…

Jason:-Uh,n-no,I don’t,Madam.

Natasha:-Very well,they haven’t told me what do they do,so its up to you to find out,I’ll leave the box here,now get out there and do your duties,mercenary!


Natasha left the dock,walking away and drawing many looks towards her,but still noone dared to talk to her about anything else other than assignemnts,judging by her past,she has became a fearsome person among the Empire’s higher archy.

Jason:-I wonder what do they do…

Jason:-Guess ill just install them and leave…

Undocked from the station,Jason flought to the Ontregos Pass warpgate and warped away at very high speeds,upon reaching the destination area,the ship spoke,with a tent of a nordic accent,and a thick voice:

Jarl:-Arriving in Ontregos Pass,danger rating:1

Jason:-Woah,Jarl?You can talk?  Jason was amazed.

Jarl:-Of course I can,the new implant that you installed allows me to.

Jason:-That is amazing!But now we are left to find out what the second implant does…

Jarl:-Do you want me to scan the implant for its properties?

Jason:-Yes please.


Jarl:-Scan complete,the implant has communicative properties…

Jason:-So,the first implant gave you Artificial Intelligence,that must be the one Blackwood made since it has a history linked to AI,and the second one was made by the UMC,they are known to exploit the alien technologies and use it against them,a communicative device linked to aliens,that might be a translator for the alien language!

Jarl:-Possibly,there are a few Hunters over there,maybe I can link to their comm links and listen to them.

Jason:-Good idea!

Jarl stealthy approached the Hunters pack close enough so the comm link could be made.

Hunter 1:*alien gibberish*

Jason:-Uhh,you forgot to activate the translator…

Jarl:-Oh,my bad…

Hunter 1:*Static*There is a humanoid transport approaching to our location,prepare to engage!*Static*

Hunter 2:*Static*Roger that.*Static*

The Hunters proceeded to approach the transport and attacked it.

Jason:-It works!

Escort Ship:-Aliens are attacking our transport,we need help!

Jason:-Oh yeah,lets help them out…

Jarl:-Engaging hostile ships…

Hunter 1:*static*There is a humanoid interceptor approaching us,activate the defence module!*static*

Hunter 2:*static*Understood.*static*

Jason:-Watch out,they activated the Pulsars!

Jarl:-They said it is called the defence module.

Jason:-Whatever,just kill them!

The fight was fearsome,energy spheres,pulses,plasma charges and railgun bullets went all over the place,but the Humans had the upper hand and managed to fend off the attackers from the sector.

Hunter 2:*static*They are too strong,retreat!*static*

Hunter 1:*static*Never!Destroy the humans!*static*

The second Hunter opened a portal back to the alien dimension and went through it.

Hunter 2:*static*Come on!I cant keep this opened for too long!*static*

Hunter 1:*static*Arrgh!This is not over humans,your species will not prevail!*static*

Jason:-They are trying to escape!Follow them!

Jarl activated the micro-warp in a deseprate attempt to catch up with the retreating aliens and went through the portal after them,before it closed.

Escort ship:-Where did they go?

On the other side of the portal,they were thrown in another dimension,in a random place.

Jason:-Ugh,where are we?..

Jarl:-I don’t know,the map is not working…

Jason:-Great,now we have to find out way back,but how?

Jarl:-The same way we came in,through a portal.

Jason:-But how?There is no portal here!

_Jarl:_We will have to wait until another one opens…

An alien patrol was appreaching,Jarl couldn’t defeat them by himself so he had to take cover,luckily a cliff was close by,allowing them to take cover from the alien sensors,but they discovered something,an alien building.

_Jason:-_What is this building supposed to mean?

_Jarl:-_There are alien ships who keep leaving and entering it,it may be a hangar or a shipyard…

_Jason:-_Its too big for a shipyard,even for a hangar,it’s at least double the size of the Guardian-17!

_Jarl:-_There are some holes that look like to be windows at the top of it,maybe we can see what they are doing inside.

After they flought to the top of the building,they were shocked,inside,there was a Defiler that was being built.

Jason:-Oh my god,this is not any kind of shipyard,its a Defiler shipyard!

Jarl:-We need to tell the others,but first we have to find a way of getting out of here!

From behind a corner,a Hunter was patrolling around the shipyard and spotted Jarl.A female voice could be heard through the static.

Hunter:*static*Hey you!*static*

Jason:-Oh no!We have been discovered!Run!

Hunter:*static*Wait,I’m not gonna hurt you!*static*


Hunter:*static*Violence is not the answer…Can you tell me how you got here and why?*static*

Jason:-I was following a Hunter patrol that was attacking a transport,I didn’t know that I could have arrived here,I come in peace,I swear!

Hunter:*static*I would like to send you back to your world,the portals are the only way back there and only the high-ranking hunters and Predators can open portals to another dimensions…*static*

Jarl:-Are you sure there isn’t any other way out of here?

_Jason:-_Jarl!It told us that already that is the only way!

Hunter:*static*Wait,your ship can talk?*static*

_Jason:-_Oh,uh,yeah,but don’t listen to him,he just got its AI implant today,he doesn’t know what he is saying!

_Jarl:-_Of course I do!I am smarter than you!

Jason:-This is not the right place for this!


Hunter:*static*Maybe I can convince someone else to open a portal back,but ill need a good reason.*static*

Jason:-Tell them that you were assigned on a patrol,ill use the Phase Modulator to turn invisible and sneak through the portal after you.

Hunter:*static*Alright,ill try…*static*

The Hunter flought to a Predator and they started talking.Eventually,the Predator opened a portal back to the human dimension.

Jason:-This is our ticket back,lets go!

In a blink of a eye,Jarl dissapeared from the visual spectrum and dashed his way through the portal that lead back to the Ontregos Pass,right behind an asteroid.

_Hunter:*static*_This is it’I hope its the right place.*static*

Jason:-I don’t know how to thank you!I am in your debt now…

Hunter:*static*Well,you can start by telling me your name.*static*

Jason:It’s Jason,and my ship is Jarl.

Hunter:*static*I am Theia,nice to meet you!*static*

_Jason:_The pleasure is mine.

Theia:*static*Tell me,Jason,how can you communicate with me?The other human ships talk in a gibberish language that we cannot translate.*static*

_Jason:-_It’s a translator,I don’t really know how it works,but each time you talk there is a static,it is a prototype.

Theia:*static*Have you tried turning it off and back on?*static*

_Jason:-_If I would get a credit each time I hear this I would be more than rich,but ill give it a try…

_Jarl:-_Restarting implant…


Theia:-Can you hear me?

Jason:-Yes,I can hear you much better now!

_Theia:-I guess I’ll just get back home,_my family might be wondering where I am.

Jason:-Ok,hope to see you around more,maybe we can go to a cafe,they have some very nice drinks there.

Theia:-Are you inviting me to a date?

Jason:-Well,if you want to call it that way…

Theia:-Sure,I would like to come!I’ll notice you when I’ll be able to come by.

Jason:-Alright then,farewell!


Theia proceeded back into the alien portal,and Jason to the warpgate back towards the Guardian-17.

Jason:-Well Jarl,I think this will be the start of something beautiful!

Jarl:-We shall see that Jason,we shall see…

The time passes at different speeds between the dimensions,so by the time they got back,their shift was over,returned back to the station Jarl docked and Jason went back to his cabin,luckily nobody asked him anything.

             End of Act 1.



_ Chapter 1: _


-Act 1- Done


-Act 2- Done


-Act 3-WIP (Will be available in a few hours.)

Chapter 1,Act 2


Back at the Guardian-17,Jason and Jarl were discussing about their experience about yesterday.

Jason:-Alright,looks like the time passes different between each dimensions ,so we’ve been gone for almost an entire day,Im sure nobody has noticed our absence.

Jarl:-So what plans do you have for the date?Have you ever been to one before?

Jason:No,i haven’t,i was busy studying for the academy,piloting a interceptor can be hard,i didnt got time for that kind of stuff…

Jarl:-Well,by the time you will go we should behave like nothing happened,do the missions and hopefully nobody will notice.

Jason:-Very well,at least we did our mission for today.

Jarl:-Um,we didn’t really do the mission.We were so caught up with that fight that you forgot to do it.

Jason:-Oh no,it’s already too late to do it!


Jason:-Well,we have a very strict program,The Emperor doesn’t like waiting,so the faster we do the mission,the better.

Jarl:-And what happens if you dont do them?

Jason:-It’s the first time i didn’t do one,the worst thing that will happen would be to damage my reputation…

Jarl:-Don’t worry,at least you did some discoveries that noone could even think about,sharing them can lead us to very high ranking roles!

Jason:-That’s the problem!

Jarl:-But why?

Jason:-I just met a alien that wasn’t like the others,it didn’t think like the others,its something special!

Jarl:-Yes,that because she was a female,that’s the difference.

Jason:-It may be,but im pretty sure that I’d rather date a alien that i barely know rather than another Empire female,they can be very strict sometimes,it’s not my type,I didn’t grow up to be a someone that does suicidal tasks for almost nothing,people’s lives are much more valuable than data.

Jarl:-We cannot live in controversy either,i know what am i saying aswell since the ships aren’t just mindless war machines,if you would give us the chance,we would make this place better,maybe even the entire universe.

Jason:-Indeed,let’s tone it down for now,I don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.

After a while,Eric Holst,The Imperial Spacefleet Centurion,approached Jarl’s dock,he seemed a bit mad.

Eric:-Jason,am I right?I was told that you didn’t complete your daily assignments and dissapeared after a transport attack.

Jason:-I-I got delayed upon the mission by that,the ship control systems were damaged after the combat and the Micro-Warp activated automatically.

Eric:-And how did you manage to repair it?

Jason:-With the repair kit,sir.

Eric:-Very well,it is the first time you didn’t complete your missions,I’ll forgive you this time,but i hope you will not fail again,mercenary.

Jason:-Of course i wont,sir.

Eric left the dock,he didn’t seem like he fell for it.

Jason:-Phew,that was close…

Jarl:-You lied to him,if he or anyone else in the high-ranking Imperial space fleet will find out the truth you will be punished.

Jason:-I’ll be either executed or exilated from the sector,i know,that’s where ill get some help from some of my friends…

Jarl:-So you have other friends after all…

Jason:-Well,duh,i thought you knew me better!

Jarl:-This AI thing is new for me too,don’t expect me to know everything already!

Jason:-Alright,let’s finish the new mission for today and the one that we have to do,we have too meet up with some guys from the other races in the Smuggler’s Hideout,so we must be time-efficient today!

Jarl:-I have done all the preparation overnight,I am ready to go!


After a few minutes,a mission file appeared on the screen,it was a transport escort mission.

Jason:-This is it!A transport escort,uh-uh,Ontregos Pass!We must defend the same transport from before.

Jarl:-Let’s hope this time we will have more luck

Jason:-Well,lets get going!

And so,Jarl undocked from the station and went to the Ontregos Pass,again.

Jarl:-Arriving in Ontregos Pass,danger rating:1

Jason:-Do you really have to say that everytime we get into another sector?

Jarl:-Sorry,i can’t control it,just bear with that.

After flying around the sector,Jason spotted the transport he was supposed to protect.

Jason:-I got vision on the transport,align with it and get into position.

Jarl:-Roger that.

After a peaceful escort through the sector,the transport jumped through the warpgate and Jason received his reward.

Jason:-Finally!Those Cargo Ships are really slow,good thing there was noone to attack it.

Jarl:-Now that you mention it,this place is more peaceful than it’s supposed to be.

Jason:-Well,I guess even the evil must sleep sometimes.

Jarl:-Now what?

Jason:-Let’s go back to the station and refuel,then we can go to the Smuggler’s Hideout.

After a refuel at the station,Jarl undocked and proceeded to go,after a long trip through the Empire sectors they reached their destination,the ** Smuggler’s Hideout**

 Jarl:-Arriving in Smuggler’s Hideout,danger rating:10

Jason:-Finally we are here!

Jason:-Now,lets go to that area,there is our meeting point.   

_Jarl:-_Proceeded to the meeting point,near a destroyerd Cargo Ship.

Jarl:-There is noone here.

Jason:-We came a bit early,we have to wait for them to show up.

After some waiting,a Golden Eagle could be seen warping from the Destroyed Station warpgate from the distance,zipping around the sector with a crazy flight manner,at high speeds.

Jason:-I think that’s Stuart!

The Golden Eagle approached Jarl,span around him once and stopped right in his face.

Stuart:-Hey there Jay,how are you?

Jason:-I’m fine,just hanging around,you know.

Stuart:-That’s nice,are we going to wait for Mike now?

_Jason:-_Yes,let’s hope he will show up soon.

A ship arrived from the Sorting Facility warpgate,with a red trace and menacing look,the Tackler approached Jarl and Golden Eagle.

Stuart:-Yo hey there Mikey!

Mike is a Jericho,Sword AE pilot,they are mostly calm and religious people but still living tough lives.

_Mike:-_Hello,I hope this is important,I don’t have the entire day. 

Jason:-It is,lemme tell you what happened.

After Jason explained his inter dimensional adventure and the new implants he received.

Stuart:-Wait,so now you are dating an alien?Dude that’s awesome!

Mike:-A translator and a AI implant?How comes I haven’t heard of those ever before?

Jason:-Blackwood is in direct link to the empire,so it is the UMC,also they are prototypes,I’m not sure there are any other out there.

Mike:-Well,in case there will appear more,notice me of that,I can make a good use of them,everyone will be jealous of me back at the station!

Stuart:Yeah man,if you get some extras,maybe you can lend me a pair too,that would be great!

Jarl:-That’s why Jason called you here,we need to expand our translation capabilities,the combined research power of all of the races can make out of these implants a huge success!

Stuart:-Whoa!You weren’t lying,your ship can talk!

Mike:-Hm,very interesting.

Jason:-Yes,more implants will be made soon,if ill get my hands on a batch I’ll try to distribute them to you guys.

Mike:-This translation implant will make the prediction of the Cybers’ advancement a much easier task now!I really must have It!

Stuart:-I can’t wait for that AI implant,me and my Golden Eagle will be the best friends!Oh boy we’re gonna have so much fun!

Jason:-Just be patient,a new pack will arrive soon to the station,I’ll go back there and pick it up and deliver it to you,stay frosty.

Mike:-Alright,see you later.

Jason:-See ya!


And so each of the pilots went back to their own sectors,and to their own stations,one faster than the other and with slight doubts about the new technology about to change the way the war might go.


End of Act 2.

-Reserved for Act 3-

It’s cool, but I’m sorry, no one can beat JasanQuin’s writings.

Yeah,i know,im not too good with the details,i guess i should limit to MLG videos…


It’s an interesting concept, but the format makes it very dry reading. It’s more like a script than a story.


A few little things, like changing formats and adding some descriptive parts, would really help flesh it out.


For example, here’s just a snippet from Act 1…


Undocked from the station,Jason went to the Ontregos Pass warpgate and warped away,upon reaching the destination,the ship spoke:

Jarl:-Arriving in Ontregos Pass,danger rating:1

Jason:-Woah,Jarl?You can talk?

Jarl:-Of course I can,the new implant that you installed allows me to.

Jason:-That is amazing!But now we are left to find out what the second implant does…

With a little adjustment it becomes…

After undocking from the station, Jason flew to the Ontregos Pass warpgate. He passed through the glowing disk in a flash of blue-white light, crossing to the far side of the solar system in the blink of an eye.

Upon arrival, the ship spoke to him.

“Arriving in Ontregos Pass,danger rating:1”

Jason nearly jumped out of his seat. “Woah! Jarl? You can talk?”

“Of course I can, the new implant that you installed allows me to.” The Jarl’s voice was deep and confident, with a hint of a Nordic accent that fit its name perfectly.

“That is amazing! But now we are left to find out what the second implant does…” Jason trailed off, becoming increasingly anxious about what he may have agreed to have inserted into his head.


You don’t need page after page of purple prose; just enough to help us imagine the world - what people look like, sound like, and do.

Hm,yes,interesting,maybe but sometimes i can get lost in details and make it much longer than it should,well,i guess i can give it a chance…

Practice makes perfect. One thing I’m sure all writers agree is an author always feels they could do better!

Practice makes perfect. One thing I’m sure all writers agree is an author always feels they could do better!

The more time passes, the closer you get to the Abyss, and like bitter taste wears the illustrious crown you forged in triumph, now glaring at it in ponder.

Well, as a writer, I will say that good. BUT…a lot of direct speech, there is no atmosphere and no life. The text is dead. Add description and it will be fantastic!

I guess I can re-do the whole project,I’ll see…

I guess I can re-do the whole project,I’ll see…

Thank you!