The new leaderboard for Special Operation

The leaderboard for Special Operation will be reset today!

The amount of Defilers in the Border Sectors has increased dramatically and we need your help!


Pilots, so much has changed in our game universe since the start of the special operation. Record times, displayed in the table, have become unreachable and are now all but impossible to beat.


The Center has decided to reset the results in the table and provide you with an opportunity to set new records! 

And the Mercenary Guild announces that pilot wings that can destroy the Defiler the fastest will get 500 Galactic Standards.




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New record of Special operation has been set! It is now 11 minutes and 4 seconds!
Congratulations, pilots!


1. FighterJedi 

2. Hulk 

3. Arakis 



6. Fj22 

7. Shredli 

8. Rockfor 

9. MyLittlePonY 

10. zolby 

11. starcore 

12. ECMnoob 


Pilots will be rewarded with 500 Galactic Standarts.