The new faction reputation

Recently the main 3 factions have become gray in color and can receive damage in PvE zones

When invading pirates are killed, it removes -125 reputation from them, and +75 reputation to the 3 factions.


So where do you view these 4 values? What are the thresholds? What is there to be lost or gained by earning or losing reputation?

Good questions.


For example, if you have a good reputation with a certain faction, you could jump to that sector with 0 cost in iridium? Also, if you have a bad reputation with another faction, you could pay more (double, triple?) iridium to jump to that sector? Just an example.

On 7/22/2020 at 8:36 PM, Weylin29651 said:

So where do you view these 4 values?

Achievements -> Leaderboards -> Faction Clash